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Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 15:06:08 -0400
From: John_Lavagnino@Brown.edu
Subject: Re: 12.0040 gleanings: sex, chips and a serious bug

Willard writes, in summarizing the Guardian's coverage of the Year
2000 problem:

| There are some very sober people with very sobering things to say
| about this crisis, e.g. Ed Yourdon, "doyen of American
| programming", who thinks the crisis will have about the same
| impact as the OPEC oil crisis in the 70s.

Ah, Ed Yourdon... Some of us are grizzled enough to remember his
predictions in the early 1980s that the Japanese were going to take
over the programming industry completely within a few years. But then
if you went around saying that come 2000 things will probably just
stumble along day-to-day pretty much the way they do now, that
wouldn't be news, would it?


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