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[1] From: "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <LIB3@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU> (51)
Subject: Version 19, Scholarly Electronic Publishing

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (109)
Subject: EMLS 4.1 now available

[3] From: Editor Australia's Cultural Network (36)
Subject: ausculture discussion list

Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 23:41:03 +0100
From: "Charles W. Bailey, Jr." <LIB3@UHUPVM1.UH.EDU>
Subject: Version 19, Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography

Version 19 of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography
is now available. This selective bibliography presents over
600 articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources
that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing
efforts on the Internet and other networks.

HTML: <URL:http://info.lib.uh.edu/sepb/sepb.html>
Acrobat: <URL:http://info.lib.uh.edu/sepb/sepb.pdf>
Word: <URL:http://info.lib.uh.edu/sepb/sepb.doc>

The HTML document is designed for interactive use. Each
major section is a separate file. There are live links to
sources available on the Internet. It can be can be searched,
and it includes a collection of links to related Web sites
that deal with scholarly electronic publishing issues.

The Acrobat and Word files are designed for printing.
Each file is over 190 KB.

(Revised sections in this version are marked with an asterisk.)

Table of Contents

1 Economic Issues*
2 Electronic Books and Texts
2.1 Case Studies and History*
2.2 General Works
2.3 Library Issues
3 Electronic Serials
3.1 Case Studies and History
3.2 Critiques
3.3 Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals*
3.4 General Works*
3.5 Library Issues*
3.6 Research
4 General Works
5 Legal Issues
5.1 Intellectual Property Rights*
5.2 License Agreements*
5.3 Other Legal Issues
6 Library Issues
6.1 Cataloging, Classification, and Metadata
6.2 Digital Libraries*
6.3 General Works*
6.4 Information Conversion, Integrity, and Preservation*
7 New Publishing Models
8 Publisher Issues
8.1 Electronic Commerce/Copyright Systems*
Appendix A. Related Bibliographies by the Same Author
Appendix B. About the Author

Best Regards,

Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Assistant Dean for Systems,
University Libraries, University of Houston, Houston, TX
77204-2091. E-mail: cbailey@uh.edu. Voice: (713) 743-9804.
Fax: (713) 743-9811.


Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 09:41:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: EMLS 4.1 now available

>> From: "R.G. Siemens, Editor, EMLS" <EMLS@UAlberta.ca>

*Early Modern Literary Studies* 4.1 (May, 1998)



* Article Abstracts / R=E9sum=E9s des Articles.

* Jonson's Stoic Politics: Lipsius, the Greeks, and the
"Speach According to Horace." [1]. Robert C. Evans, Auburn
University Montgomery.
* Petruchio's Horse: Equine and Household Management in The
Taming of the Shrew. [2]. Peter F. Heaney, Staffordshire


* "Corrupt with goodly meede": Munera and Medusa in Book 5 of
Spenser's The Faerie Queene. [3]. Joan Fitzpatrick,
Shakespeare Institute, Stratford upon Avon.


* John Peacock. The Stage Designs of Inigo Jones: The European
Context. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1995. [4]. A.W. Johnson,
=C5bo Akademi University.
* Harry Keyishian. The Shapes of Revenge: Victimization,
Vengeance, and Vindictiveness in Shakespeare. Atlantic
Highlands, N.J.: Humanities P International Inc., 1995. [5].
Bryan N.S. Gooch, University of Victoria.
* Willy Maley. Salvaging Spenser: Colonialism, Culture and
Identity. London: Macmillan; New York: St. Martin's P, 1997.
[6]. Christopher Ivic, University of Western Ontario.
* Jeffrey Masten. Textual Intercourse: Collaboration,
Authorship, and Sexualities in Renaissance Drama. Cambridge:
Cambridge UP, 1997. [7]. Mary Bly, Washington University in
St. Louis.
* Curtis C. Breight. Surveillance, Militarism and Drama in the
Elizabethan Era. New York: St. Martin=92s P, 1996. [8]. Chris
Fitter, Rutgers University-Camden.
* Paula Blank. Broken English: Dialects and the Politics of
Language in Renaissance Writings. London: Routledge, 1996.
[9]. Swen Voekel, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY.
* James Stokes, ed. Records of Early English Drama: Somerset.
(Including Bath, ed. Robert J. Alexander). 2 Vols. Toronto:
U of Toronto P, 1996. [10]. James Cummings, University of
* James D. Tracy. Erasmus of the Low Countries. Berkeley,
California: U of California P, 1996. Desiderius Erasmus.
Colloquies. Translated and annotated by Craig R. Thompson.
Collected Works of Erasmus, Vols. 39-40. Toronto: U of
Toronto P, 1997. [11]. Romuald Ian Lakowski.
* Ann Thompson and Sasha Roberts, eds. Women Reading
Shakespeare 1660-1900: An Anthology of Criticism. Manchester
and New York: Manchester UP, 1997. [12]. Christine Mack
Gordon, College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota.
* John M. Mucciolo, Editor. Assisted by Steven J. Doloff and
Edward A. Rauchut. Shakespeare=92s Universe: Renaissance Ideas
and Conventions (Essays in Honour of W.R. Elton). Hampshire
and Vermont: Scolar P, 1996. [13]. Steve Cirrone, Center for
Higher Education.
* Reviewing Information, Books Received for Review, and
Forthcoming Reviews.

Articles Accepted and Forthcoming in Future Issues:

* Literature and Geography, a special issue edited by Richard
Helgerson and Joanne Woolway.
o "Introduction." Richard Helgerson, University of
California, Santa Barbara.
o "Civilizing Wales: Cymbeline, Roads and the Landscapes
of Early Modern Britain." Garrett Sullivan,
Pennsylvania State University.
o "'Britannia Insularem in Ocean Maxima': Mapping the
Nation in 1599." Emma Smith, Cambridge University.
o "A Map of Greater Cambria." Philip Schwyzer, University
of California, Berkeley.
o "Spenser, Shakespeare, and the Map of Ireland."
Bernhard Klein, University of Frankfurt.
o "Significant Spaces in Edmund Spenser's View of the
Present State of Ireland." Joanne Woolway, Oxford
o "Translated Geographies: Spenser's 'Ruins of Time'."
Huw Griffiths, University of Strathclyde.
o "'On the Famous Voyage': Ben Jonson and Civic Space."
Andrew McRae, University of Sydney.
o "John Donne's Use of Space." Lisa Gorton, Oxford
o "'Upon the Suddaine View': State, Civil Society and
Surveillance in Early Modern England." Sven Voekel,
Rochester University.
o "Anti-geography in Early Seventeenth-Century England."
Robert Appelbaum, University of Cincinnati.
o "Gutting the Map: Exchange and Abjection at the Cape of
Good Hope." Jerry Brotton, University of Leeds.
o "Britannia Rules the Waves?: Images of Empire in
Elizabethan England." Lesley Cormack, University of
o "Ruling the World: The Cartographic Gaze in Elizabethan
Accounts of the New World." Mark Koch, St Mary's
o "Internet Resources for Literature and Geography, A
Hyper-linked Guide." Rhonda Lemke Sanford, University
of Colorado at Boulder.

* "The (Self)-Fashioning of Ezekiel Edgworth in Jonson's
Bartholomew Fair." Jean MacIntyre, University of Alberta.
* "Good Counsel and 'Famylyaryte' in Thomas Starkey's Dialogue
between Pole and Lupset." Robert Haynes, Texas A&M
International University.
* "'The Great Regalio's of a Play': A Note on The Fop as
Theater." Andrew P. Williams, North Carolina Central

R.G. Siemens
Department of English, U of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T6G 2E5.
Editor, Early Modern Literary Studies:=
wk. phone: (403) 492-7801 fax: (403) 492-8142
e-mail: EMLS@UAlberta.ca

Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:01:42 +1000
From: Editor Australia's Cultural Network <editor@acn.net.au>
Subject: ausculture discussion list

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