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>> From: Dieke van Wijnen <Dieke.vanWijnen@wkap.nl>

Dear All,
You may be interested to know that Computers and the
Humanities, published by Kluwer Academic Publishers
(editors: Nancy Ide and Dan Greenstein) will publish a
double issue (volume 32) on Wordnet soon. This work will
also become available in book form. As usual, Dr. Ide will
post the table of contents on HUmanist and Linguist upon
publication for thsoe who are interested.

Ms. Drs. Dieke van Wijnen
Commissioning Editor
Humanities & Social Sciences Dept.
Kluwer Academic Publishers
3300 AA Dordrecht, The Netherlands
Fax 31+ 78 6392 254; Phone 31+ 78 6392 264

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