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[1] From: "by way of Willard McCarty (24)
Subject: Celtic-Latin project news

[2] From: Francois Lachance <lachance@chass.utoronto.ca> (51)
Subject: 8 on-line hypertheory studies in English

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:28:18 +0100 (BST)
From: "by way of Willard McCarty <Willard.McCarty@kcl.ac.uk>"
Subject: Celtic-Latin project news

[see the qualifying note that follows]

Editor: A.J.R. Harvey, M.A., Ph.D.
Project Assistant: J. Power, B.A., Dip.Lib.

July, 1998

Dear Colleague,

Please accept this message as a cordial invitation to visit the
DMLCS project's newly upgraded website at


for up-to-date

* details of DMLCS Ancillary volumes

* details of the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature on CD-ROM

* details of the Scriptores Celtigenae text-publishing venture

* information on the project's future commitments

* links to kindred ventures

and to browse our lemmatized

>>> Celtic-Latin Word-List <<<

(the Royal Irish Academy's first venture into scholarly publishing
on the Internet).

Your comments and feedback will be most welcome.

Yours sincerely,

Anthony Harvey

e-mail edu_scully@ccvax.ucd.ie
(or use the e-address given at the site)

[from a subsequent note]

14th July, 1998

Dear Colleague,

Many thanks for your message about being unable to access the
Celtic-Latin site. The URL you were trying is correct; the
problem is that the relevant Queen's University server has gone
off-line at the moment, and holidays in that part of the world
mean that it may not be fixed until later this week.

It is ironic that, having worked perfectly during tests over
the last month, the server should go down the very day that our
site was publicly announced. We do appreciate your interest, and
ask you not to give up on us; we think you will find the site
worth a visit once that is again possible.

With apologies for the inconvenience caused,

Best wishes

Anthony Harvey

Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 15:35:26 -0400 (EDT)
From: Francois Lachance <lachance@chass.utoronto.ca>
Subject: 8 on-line hypertheory studies in English

The following is a list of hypertext theory pieces available on-line,
presented in a course syllabus order:

Kathleen Burnett
Toward a Theory of Hypertextual Design
Postmodern Culture v.3 n.2 (January 1993)

John Tolva
The Heresy of Hypetext: Fear and Anxiety in the Late Age of Print

Jay David Bolter
Electronic Signs
This is Chapter Six of Writing Space: The Computer, Hypertext, and the
History of Writing
Hillsdale, New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1991 (pp 85-106)

Michael Joyce
Notes Toward an Unwritten Non-Linear Electronic Text, "The Ends of
Print Culture" (a work in progress)
Postmodern Culture, v.2 n.1 (September, 1991)

Amy Wise.<BR>
Good example of an annotated bibligrahpic entry on Joyce article

Marie-Laure Ryan
Immersion vs. Interactivity: Virtual Reality and Literary Theory
Post Modern Culture, v5 n.1 (September 1994)

John Tolva
Ut Pictura Hyperpoesis: Spatial From, Visuality, and the Digital Word

Nancy Kaplan
Politexts, Hypertexts, and Other Cultural Formations in the Late Age
of Print
Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine, v.2 n.3 (March 1, 1995)
- acutally presented as a series of nodes and links

Jerome McGann
The Rationale of Hypertext (1995)
-- also published in Kathryn Sutherland, ed.,
<cite>Electronic text : investigations in method and theory</cite><BR>
New York: Clarendon Press, 1997. [As well in this volume, there is
a marvellous study of the hypertextual aspects of <cite>Huckleberry
Finn</cite> which invites readers to entertain a
base-superstructure view of the node-link relation (full biblio
available upon request -- I'm not anywhere near the library copy
or my notes and my memory fails me...)]

All links to the above are collected and some of the above are glossed at


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