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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 12, No. 141.
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[1] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (126)
Subject: URL: Editio Theodoro-Palatina

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (45)
Subject: A small e-journal project: 'The Hydra' On-line

[3] From: Kitka Hiltula <kitka@emerge.com.au> (25)
Subject: Aussie arts/culture web site

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:31:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: URL: Editio Theodoro-Palatina

>> From: Otfried Lieberknecht <lieberknecht@ber.netsurf.de>

Dear all,

I have recently come upon an excellent website which I would like to bring
to your attention because it seems not yet to have much publicity in our
scholarly networking community:

MATEO - Mannheimer Texte Online

It's an initiative for electronic publishing by the University of Mannheim,
with a subproject "Editio Theodoro-Palatina" where the following works are
available online in graphic digitalized images (most of them available also
on a CD which can be ordered at the above address):

A. Examples of the history of print:

1) Catullus, Tibullus, Propertius. Venezia: Manutius, 1502
(only a few samples -- 8 folios - from this important print)

2) Execution oder Todt Marien Stuarts. Erfurt: s.n., 1587, 16 pp.

B. Illustrated books:

3) Christophorus Columbus, Epistola de insulis nuper inventis. Basel:
Bergmann, 1494, 16 pp.

4) Sebastian Brant, Esopi appologi sive mythologi, cum quibusdam carminum
et fabularum additionibus Sebastiani Brant, Basel: Jacob Wolff von
Pforzheim, 1501, 404 pp., 340 woodcuts (not part of the CD)

5) Michiel Vosmeer, Principes Hollandiae et Zelandiae, Domini Frisiae. Cum
genuinis isipsorum iconibus. Antwerpen: Plantin / Galle, 1578. 87 pp., with
engravings by Philipp Galle based on drawings by Willem Thibaut.

6) Ge/rard de Jode (texts) & Laurentius Goidtsenhoven (engravings),
Mikrokosmos / Parvus mundus, Antwerpen: de Jode, 1579, 157 pp. with 74 ill.
and handwritten French translations (not part of the CD)

7) Peeter Heyns, Le miroir du monde, ou Epitome du The/a^tre d'Abraham
Ortelius. Amsterdam: Z. Heyns, 1598, 82 fol.; abbreviated compendium of the
_Theatrum orbis terrarum_, with engravings by Galle.

8) Abraham Ortelius, Aurei saeculi imago, sive Germanorum veterum vita,
mores, ritus et religio, Antwerpen: Galle, 1598, 12 fol., 2 pp.

9) Dominicus Custos, Atrium heroicum Caesarum, regum, ... imaginibus ...
illustratum, Partes 1-4, Augsburg: Manger / Praetorius, 1600-1602, 195
fol.; 169 (of 171) portraits reproduced.

10) Kurfuerst Karl von der Pfalz & Paul Hachenberg, Philothei Symbola
Christiana. Frankfurt a. M.: Zubrod, 1677, 5 fol., 204 pp.

11) Jean-Jacques Boissard & Theodor de Bry, Bibliotheca chalcographica, hoc
est Virtute et eruditione clarorum Virorum Imagines, Heidelberg: Ammon,
[1652-]1669, with 438 engravings (not part of the CD)

12) Johann von Schwarzenberg, Bambergische peinliche Halsgerichtsordnung
[Constitutio Criminalis Bambergensis], Bamberg: Pfeil, 1507, partial
electronic reprint, 32 of 85 fol., with all the illustrations

C. Manuscript texts:

13) Ulrich Sitzinger, Annotationes in primum librum Institutionum Magistri
Ulrici Sitzingeri incepit feliciter anno 1549 3. Julii Sebaldus Muensterer.
(partial reproduction, 12 of 316 pp.; the lecture was held in Wittenberg,
1548/49, and the recollect is a curious manuscript aping the layout of a
printed book; reminds me of certain things on tv which try hard to look
like internet!)

14) Pierre-Daniel Huet, Poemata latina et graeca. Utrecht: Broedelet, 1694,
70+3+21 pp.; exemplar owned by Huet's secretary Valhe/bert and containing,
in addition to the printed poemata, unpublished Latin and French poems by

15) Franc,ois-Joseph Desbillons, Annibal tragoedia. Um 1745(?), 59 pp.,
Jesuit drama, partial reproduction (11 of 59 pp.), together with a
transcript by Wolfgang Schibel.

D. Sources regarding the history of Mannheim and Kurpfalz

16) Tobias Huebner, Beschreibung der Reisz ... Herrn Friederichen desz
Fuenften, Heidelberg: Voegelin, 1613, 304 pp., partial electronic reprint:
20 of 25 engravings and 29 pp. of text

17) Kurfuerst Karl Ludwig von der Pfalz, Privilegien, Den Inwohnern in der
Vestung Friederichsburg zu Mannheim in der Churpfaltz gelegen, ertheilt im
Jahr 1663, Heidelberg: Walter, 1663, 12 pp., 4 tab.

18) Johann C. Wagner, Der Pfaltz am Rhein Staat- Land- Staedt- und
Geschicht-Spiegel, Augsburg: Koppmayer, 1690. 124 pp., 7 tab.

19) Churfuerstlicher Pfaltz bey Rhein etc. Ernewert und Verbessertes
Land-Recht, Weinheim: J. Mayer, 1700, partial reprint (98 of 570 pp.)

E. Women history and women literature:

20) Juan Luis Vives, Von underweysung ayner Christlichen Frauwen ...
verteutscht durch Christophorum Brunonem, Augsburg: H. Steiner, 1544,
partial reprint, 27 of 257 pp.

21) Fulvia Olympia Morata, Orationes, Dialogi, Epistolae, Carmina, tam
Latina quam Graeca: cum eruditoru[m] de ea testimoniis & laudibus.
Hippolytae Taurellae elegia elegantiszima [by Baldassare Castiglione],
Basel: Perna, 1562, 8 fol., 278 pp., 1 fol., ill. (not part of the CD)

22) Giacomo Filippo Tomasini: Elogia Virorum Literis & Sapientia Illustrium
..... imaginibus exornata, Padova: Sardi, 1640, pp.339-372 of 412, with
portraits of Isotta Nogarola (1418-1466) and her two sisters Ginevra and
Laura and her aunt Angela, Laura Cereti (1469-1499), Hypsicratea a Monte
(d. 1584), Cassandra Fedele (1465-1558), Modesta Pozzo (1555-1592)

23) Anna Maria van Schurman, Opuscula Hebraea, Graeca, Latina, Gallica,
Prosaica et Metrica, 3rd ed., Utrecht: Waesberge, 1652, 364 pp. (not part
of the CD)

24) Jacob Thomasius & Johannes Sauerbrei, Diatriben academicam de
foeminarum eruditione priorem consensu inclutae facultatis philosophicae in
alma Lipsiensi / sub praesidio viri ... Jacobi Thomasii ... d. XIV. Januar.
A. O. R. MDCLXXI ... proponit Johannes Sauerbrei. - Revisa & emendatior
prodit. - Lipsiae : sumptibus Johannis Erici Hahnii, 1676, 36 pp. (not part
of the CD)

25) Johannes Sauerbrei & Jacob Schmalz, Diatriben academicam de foeminarum
eruditione posteriorem consensu inclutae facultatis philosophicae in alma
Lipsiensi / praeses Johannes Sauerbrei d. VI. Septembr. A. O. R. MDCLXXI
..... proponit respondente Jacobo Smalcio. - Revisa & emendatior prodit. -
Lipsiae : sumptibus Johannis Erici Hahnii, 1676, 48 pp. (not part of the CD)

F. Erudition and life in schools:

26) Orationes duae, De ritu et modo depositionis beanorum, Strassburg:
Dolhopff, 1680, partial reprint (19 of 56 pp., all 18 engravings);
describes the ritual of the "depositio" which older students inflicted to
the the "beani" (sophomores, from French "bec jaune" > "be/jaune").

In my opinion a very praiseworthy initiative. The technical presentation is
unsophisticated, which I regard as an advantage (no frames, no java, no
bullshit). There seem to be plans to add more items, especially to the
sections "history of the Pfalz" and "Women history". Personally I would
love to have more Sebastian Brant online (with the exception of his
Narrenschiff his writings are still much understudied), but it's already
like Christmas to have his Aesopus in digital form.

For a similar project (with unnecessary presentation in frames, but
excellent images) see also the digital library of the University of
Bielefeld at the following address:


Otfried Lieberknecht, Schoeneberger Str. 11, D-12163 Berlin
phone & fax: ++49 30 8516675, E-mail: lieberknecht@ber.netsurf.de
Homepage for Dante Studies:
Listowner of Italian-Studies:
Listowner of Medieval-Religion:

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 08:33:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: A small e-journal project: 'The Hydra' On-line

>> From: Stuart Lee <stuart.lee@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>

Dear All,

JTAP 'Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature'

Readers of this list may be interested to know that 'The Hydra', the
journal of the Craiglockhart Military Hospital, is now available on-line.
The material presented was the personal collection of the poet Wilfred
Owen and covers 1917-1918 (18 issues in total).

>From the technical perspective we have employed two approaches. The first
is to include colour facsimiles of all of the pages of each edition of the
journal (you can follow a link to a report on how these were digitized
at preservation quality, and then converted to JPG images for web
distribution). These are not searchable as we calculated that the cost of
transcribing each page (let alone employing some form of
mark-up) would have been prohibitive.

Therefore, for our second approach we have been working with Ramot Digital
Resources and their IOTA software. Here we have included a selection of
issues which can be searched using 'smart-image' technology. It allows for
searching, whilst at the same time presenting the user with a facsimile of
the page.

This is just a small part of the digital archive we are creating for the
JTAP 'Virtual Seminars' project, but hopefully will be of interest to

Point your browser to:


Copyright: The images presented are from Owen's personal collection
deposited at the English Faculty Library at the University of Oxford. All
images are copyrighted to the Wilfred Owen Estate. Permission to reproduce
any material presented here must be sought from the copyright holders.
Disclaimer: We have made every attempt to clear copyright on all the text
presented here. If you know of any discrepencies, please notify us

Stuart Lee
Dr Stuart D Lee
Project Manager, JTAP 'Virtual Seminars for Teaching Literature'
Head of the Centre for Humanities Computing
Oxford University Computing Services
13 Banbury Road
Oxford OX2 6NN
Tel: 01865-283403
Fax: 01865-273275
E-mail: Stuart.Lee@oucs.ox.ac.uk
Web: http://info.ox.ac.uk/jtap/

Date: Mon, 22 Jun 98 17:28:49 -0000
From: Kitka Hiltula <kitka@emerge.com.au>
Subject: Aussie arts/culture web site


If the following info is appropriate for this list, please circulate...

I'd like to tell you about the Useum - it is a new Australian pilot web
site exploring ways to interact with arts and culture online. The project
was funded by our state government and is being managed by EMERGE
Cooperative Multimedia Centre. The projects main objective is research
into users responses to the site.

Activities on the site include collaborative scriptwriting, songwriting
and the opportunity to view "treasures" from our cultural institutions,
and display your very own treasures as well as an artist's creative
journey, and a Koorie (Aboriginal) art section.

The results of the project, including an analysis of how the project was
completed, and detailed statistics on users' demographics and levels of
participation, will be available to Australian arts and culture
institutions later this year.

I'd like to invite you and your staff to view the site, and would
appreciate your feedback, particularly if you are able to complete an
online survey in the "Outhouse" section.

K i t k a H i l t u l a
Project Manager, The Useum

EMERGE Cooperative Multimedia Centre
T: + 61 3 9249 5900
F: + 61 3 9249 5911
W: http://www.useum.org.au
E: email kitka@emerge.com.au

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