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Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 17:33:03 -0500
From: David Green <david@ninch.org>
Subject: Copyright Town Meetings: Report Available

August 4, 1998


A 33-page Final Report is now available on the series of five town meetings
on Copyright & Fair Use sponsored by the American Council of Learned
Societies, the College Art Association and NINCH. The Report is a detailed
account of each of the meetings; it is accompanied by a shorter analysis:
"Themes in the Town Meetings," available at:

>From the Introduction:

"The College Art Association in association with the American Council of
Learned Societies and the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural
Heritage, with major support from The Kress Foundation, organized a series
of five "Fair Use Town Meetings" between February 1997 and February 1998.
The meetings grew out of the Conference on Fair Use (CONFU), addressing the
growing awareness that, as Susan Ball later put it about art faculty
members, there was "woeful, perhaps willful" ignorance on Fair Use and
copyright issues in the community.

"The five town meetings took place at the annual conferences of the College
Art Association (New York, 1997 and Toronto, 1998) and the American
Association of Museums (Atlanta) and on the campuses of Indiana
University-Purdue University in Indianapolis and Reed College (Portland,

"The series started by focusing on the proposed Fair Use Guidelines in the
context of Fair Use and current copyright law. As the series progressed,
the focus shifted more to consider the future of Fair Use in an
increasingly important digital environment. While the Conference on Fair
Use had the strongest presence for the first meetings, later on in the
series the meetings tended to focus on the broader intellectual property
legislative proposals in Congress.

"This report is one of many forms of reporting and documentation of the
meetings. Several of the meetings developed their own websites for
publicizing, reporting on and gathering resources for the meeting. The
papers from the Indianapolis meeting will be published in a special edition
of the "Journal of the American Society for Information Science," and
papers from the Portland and Toronto meetings will be published by Gordon &
Breach. The National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage built a
coordinating web-page for the Town Meetings, where hyper-linked individual
reports, an interim summary report and a paper addressing the essential
themes running through the town meetings could be found (see "Themes in the
Town Meetings," enclosed with this report), as well as links to individual
Town Meeting web sites. A hyperlinked version of this report will also be
available at the NINCH website

"Resources gathered and built during the course of the town meetings helped
build the NINCH "Fair Use Education" web resources and, in turn contributed
to the material available for participants of future Town Meetings. In
addition, several sites developed their own packed resource books for the
use of on-site participants."

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