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[1] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (84)
Subject: ACL-99 Call for Theme Proposals

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (474)
Subject: UPDATED conference announcement and program: AMTA-98

Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:28:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: ACL-99 Call for Theme Proposals

>> From: Priscilla Rasmussen <rasmusse@cs.rutgers.edu>


ACL-99 Conference:
the 37th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics

University of Maryland
June 22--27 1999

The Association for Computational Linguistics would like to encourage
the submission of papers on substantial, original, and unpublished
research on all aspects of computational linguistics. A particular
aim for the 1999 conference is a broadening of both the thematic
coverage and geographical origin of submissions; to this end, we are
experimenting with a new format. Some proportion of the conference
will be given over to special sessions, somewhat like a special issue
of a journal, organised around themes proposed by members of the NLP
community. Our aim is to incorporate some of the intensity and
excitement of the traditional post-conference workshops, without
replacing those workshops---we expect, as has become traditional, that
there will also be a set of post-conference workshops that will remain
separate from the main meeting. This call invites proposals for
thematic sessions in accordance with the considerations below; a final
Call For Papers will be sent out in early November.


We are soliciting proposals for themes that will provide 4--8 high
quality papers, typically forming one or two sessions in the main
conference. Proposers of accepted themes, who will become the chairs
of those sessions, will have similar responsibilities to those of
workshop organisers in terms of arranging reviewing and the delivery
of camera ready copy; however, the papers will be scheduled as part of
the main sessions and will be published as part of the main conference
proceedings. In terms of subject area coverage, we expect thematic
sessions will be closer to workshop topic areas in focus.


Please specify the following:

- Chair Details: Name, address, email, telephone number, fax
- Title
- Summary: At most one page describing the proposed subject area,
citing evidence that there is sufficient interest in the area
to generate enough high quality submissions to populate up to
a half-day's worth of presentations.
- Proposed Review Committee: Each paper submitted should be
reviewed by at least three people. As part of your proposal,
you should suggest a potential review committee of around 12
people who will be asked to serve on the committee if the
proposal is accepted. Your list should demonstrate
the spread of interest in the area in the community,
encouraging both international participation and the
participation of a broad range of researchers, including both
senior members of the community and graduate students.

Theme proposals should be submitted to the email address provided
below. Informal enquiries as to what might work as a theme can also
be directed to this address in advance of the submission date.
Possible themes might be topics like: NLP and Data Mining; Word
Segmentation in Asian Languages; Reconciling Functional and Formal
Approaches to Syntax; Approaches to Concept to Speech. We provide
these examples only as indications of the variety of topic areas that
will be considered.


This call issued: September 14, 1998
Theme submissions deadline: October 12, 1998
Notification of selected themes: October 26, 1998
Call for papers: Early November 1998
Paper submissions deadline: January 25, 1999
Notification of acceptance: March 22, 1999
Camera ready papers due: May 3, 1999


Chairs for the ACL-99 program are Ken Church and Robert Dale.
All queries regarding the program should be sent to
acl99@mri.mq.edu.au; this forwards to both authors.


Theme proposals should be of approximately two pages in length,
ideally submitted in ascii by email to ACL99@mri.mq.edu.au with the
subject: "ACL99 THEME PROPOSAL". More complicated formats such as
standalone LaTeX (not requiring additional style files), PostScript,
and Word will be accepted if they print on the first try. Hardcopy
proposals should be faxed or mailed to *both* of the chairs,
clearly labeled "ACL99 THEME PROPOSAL". Proposals should be received
by 5pm GMT on October 12th 1998.

Ken Church (Co-chair) Robert Dale (Chair)
AT&T Labs - Research Microsoft Research Institute
180 Park Ave, Office D235 School of MPCE
PO Box 971 Macquarie University
Florham Park, NJ 07932-0971, USA Sydney NSW 2109, Australia
kwc@research.att.com Robert.Dale@mq.edu.au
Tel: +1 973-360-8620 Tel: +61 2 9850 6331
Fax: +1 973-360-8077 Fax: +61 2 9850 9529

Date: Sun, 20 Sep 1998 14:29:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: UPDATED conference announcement and program: AMTA-98

>> From: Eduard Hovy <hovy@ISI.EDU>

(MT in a growing field of language technologies)

October 28-31, 1998

The Sheraton Bucks County Hotel
Langhorne, Pennsylvania


>>>>>Updated Announcement<<<<<

**NEW>> Conference Program Schedule Included!
**NEW>> New Tutorial Added on Ontological Semantics!
**NEW>> New Workshop Added on Chinese Treebank construction!
**NEW>> "MT in the Corporate Setting" Workshop cancelled

Conference organized by

AMTA - Association for Machine Translation in the Americas

The Association for Machine Translation in the Americas is pleased to
convene its third conference in the biennial series, to be held at
the Sheraton Bucks County Hotel in Langhorne, PA, on 28-31 October,
with tutorials and welcoming reception on Wednesday, October 28, and
pre-conference workshops scheduled for Tuesday October 27th.

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