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Date: Thu, 24 Sep 1998 22:44:25 +0100
From: John Dawson <jld1@cam.ac.uk>
Subject: Browsings, June/July 1998

[Noted in the _Independent on Sunday_, 12 July 1998]

<< Marx/Engels Internet Archive >>

Information about the life and works of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels,
on a South African based website linked to a search engine in the U.S.

The link to South Africa was exceedingly slow from the UK at midday UK
time, but the presentation and content of the site are excellent.

See http://leftside.uwc.ac.za

<< Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy >>

A dynamic encyclopedia, with each subject assigned to one or more
researchers to write and keep up to date. At present not many of the
subjects are covered, but this will develop with time.

See http://plato.stanford.edu

[Noted in _Time_ magazine, June 29, 1998]

Digital Cities: a virtual twin of Helsinki on the Internet. Anyone can
view Helsinki online ( http://www.helsinkiarena2000.fi ) but only
residents of the real city can make full use of it. Naturally, all the
labelling is in Finnish, but a summary is available in Swedish and
John Dawson

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