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[1] From: Ron Tetreault <tetro@IS.Dal.Ca> (19)
Subject: Digitization of Rare Materials

[2] From: Gudrun Oberprieler <oberprie@socsci.uct.ac.za> (21)
Subject: On-line computer training courses

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 16:18:51 -0200
From: Ron Tetreault <tetro@IS.Dal.Ca>
Subject: Digitization of Rare Materials

I have heard a few special collections librarians express the opinion that
digitization of rare materials might lead to much more consultation of the
original materials by scholars, rather than less. At first sight, you'd
think that having digital copies readily accessible online would spare the
originals, but it is possible that such access would increase awareness of
the richness of collections and hence the rate of their use.

Does anyone know if a study has been published on the impact of
digitization on the use-rate of the source materials? I wonder if the
anecdotal reports I hear can be documented.


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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:19:17 SAST-2
From: Gudrun Oberprieler <oberprie@socsci.uct.ac.za>
Subject: On-line computer training courses

This is not strictly humanities related, but maybe someone can make
some useful suggestions.

At the University of Cape Town, we are planning to introduce
on-line training courses for Microsoft applications (Windows 95,
Word97, Excel97, possibly others) on a campus-wide scale. We are
currently investigating two products (CBT and NetG), but both of them
do not appear to be entirely suitable to our needs. We are looking
at both Web-based and LAN-based courses.
Does anybody know about other such courses and has any experience
with them?

Many thanks
Gudrun Oberprieler

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