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[1] From: Patrick Leary <pleary@INDIANA.EDU> (72)
Subject: Call for Papers: SHARP '99 (final call)

[2] From: IFETS <kinshuk@IEEE.ORG> (28)
Subject: Call for Authors and Reviewers

[3] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (43)
Subject: CFP: "Negotiations" (_Henry Street_)

Date: Sun, 25 Oct 1998 00:05:17 -0500
From: Patrick Leary <pleary@INDIANA.EDU>
Subject: Call for Papers: SHARP '99 (final call)

Dear SHARPists,

Attached is the final call for papers for SHARP's seventh annual
conference in Madison, Wisconsin in July. With the deadline coming up
in a few weeks (November 19) I'm particularly eager to have your help in
giving this CFP as wide a distribution as possible. Please forward this
to any colleagues or students that you think might be interested. Those
of you who wish to post a printed copy on your department bulletin board
can print one from SHARP Web at http://www.indiana.edu/~sharp/sharp99.html

And, of course, those of us here who have been mulling over proposals of
our own should think about getting something in the mail pretty soon. As
anyone who has been to a SHARP conference can tell you, SHARP brings
together a stimulating variety of scholars who seldom or never meet
otherwise, with results that are always interesting and fun. I don't
doubt that the Madison conference will be an exciting one, and I look
forward to seeing many of you there.

Patrick Leary

listowner, SHARP-L



Call for Papers for SHARP '99

JULY 14-17, 1999

The seventh annual conference of the Society for the History of
Authorship, Reading, and Publishing will take place July 14-17, 1999, in
Madison, Wisconsin, under the auspices of the Center for the History of
Print Culture in Modern America, a joint program of the State Historical
Society of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

In keeping with SHARP tradition, we welcome proposals from researchers
interested in the creation, diffusion, and/or reception of the written or
printed word in any historical period and in any region of the world.
Because of the multicultural, geographic and chronological focus of the
Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America, we especially
welcome proposals for papers and sessions that investigate:

* print culture history in the United States since 1876

* the role print has played in and among groups historically
outside dominant cultures

* traditions of the written word in non-English languages in the
Western Hemisphere

Keynote addresses will be delivered by Dr. Nicholas Kanellos, Director of
Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project at the University
of Houston, and Dr. Janice Radway of the Literature Department at Duke
University. Conference proceedings will be in English. We encourage
submissions from graduate students and members of all scholarly
communities interested in print culture studies. We welcome proposals for
individual papers, or for complete sessions. While in Madison conference
attendees will have access to the superb collections of the University of
Wisconsin-Madison General Library System and the State Historical Society
of Wisconsin.

Proposals (one page maximum per paper) should be sent to:

SHARP 1999
c/o James P. Danky, Co-Director
Center for the History of Print Culture in Modern America
816 State Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53706-6598
fax: (608)264-652
email: james.danky@ccmail.adp.wisc.edu

Although proposals by e-mail and fax will be accepted, original hard copy
is greatly preferred. Deadline for submission of proposals is November
19, 1998. Proposals will be considered by an interdisciplinary
subcommittee of the Advisory Board of the Center for the Study of Print
Culture in Modern America.

For information about the Center for the Study of Print Culture in Modern
America, visit its website at http://slisweb.lis.wisc.edu/printcul/ or
contact Wayne A. Wiegand, Co-Director, Center for the History of Print
Culture in Modern America, 4226 Helen C. White Hall, University of
Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI 53706.

The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP)
is a growing global network of scholars from a variety of disciplines who
study the social, economic, and cultural history of written and printed
communication. More information about SHARP can be found, with much else
of interest, on SHARP Web at http://www.indiana.edu/~sharp

Date: Tue, 27 Oct 1998 04:43:58 +0000
From: IFETS <kinshuk@IEEE.ORG>
Subject: Call for Authors and Reviewers

Apologies for cross-posting

"Educational Technology & Society" (ISSN 1436-4522) is a new peer-reviewed
electronic periodical of the International Forum of Educational Technology &
Society (IFETS).

The periodical will be freely accessible at:

The periodical is currently seeking authors for academic peer-reviewed
on the issues affecting the developers of educational systems and educators
implement and manage such systems. The aim of the periodical is to help both
these communities to foster greater understanding of each other's role in the
overall process of education, problems faced by each and how they may support
each other. The articles will be refereed by at least two reviewers with
expertise in the relevant subject area.

The Educational Technology & Society is a quarterly periodical, but the
will be published as soon as they are ready for publication (benefit of the
electronic medium!), so that the issue will be built up and at any moment, one
issue of the periodical would be available to accept the articles.

Details regarding submission procedure and authors' guidelines are
available at:

* Current deadlines:
For second issue: 20 November 1998 (Issue coming out end of January 99)
For third issue: 01 February 1999 (Issue coming out end of April 99)
(In case of major revisions, the article will be published in a later issue)

The periodical is currently building up its reviewers team. To show your
to be a part of it, please fill out 'Call for Reviewers' form at IFETS website

Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 11:27:25 -0500 (EST)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: CFP: "Negotiations" (_Henry Street_)

>> From: Henry Street <henryst@is2.dal.ca>

Henry Street:
A Graduate Review of Literary Study

Invites submissions for a new feature section:

_Henry Street_ is proud to announce the inception of a new feature. This
section of the journal will present both a graduate student essay
foregrounding or critiquing the ideas of a well-established scholar and
that scholar's reply. "Negotiations" is intended to be a stimulating meeting
point for the ideas of graduate students and senior members of the

We invite graduate students from English and related disciplines to submit
essays that critique, comment on, or otherwise address the work of a
prominent scholar, from whom _Henry Street_ will then solicit a response.
Please note that we are not trying to promote interpretive hostility,
but rather spirited, attentive, and mutually respectful debate. Should we be
unable to obtain a response from your chosen interlocutor, your essay
will proceed to publication as a regular article.

The first "Negotiations" feature will appear in issue 7.2. Robert Lesk's
"Untenable Imaginings and Imagined Communities: Robert Lecker on the Failings
of Criticism" critiques institutional imperatives informing the book _Making
it Real: The Canonization of Canadian Literature_ by well-known McGill
University professor Robert Lecker; Prof. Lecker's reply addresses the
inevitability and the ambivalence of such institutional imperatives.

_Henry Street_ is in its eighth year of publishing the work of graduate
students from all over the world, and is indexed by the Modern Language
Association and the Canadian Literary Periodicals Index.

Submissions should not exceed 7000 words, must conform to MLA style, and may
be addressed to:

Henry Street
Department of English
Dalhousie University
1434 Henry Street
Halifax NS B3H 3J5

_Henry Street_ also welcomes the submission of critical and occasional
articles by graduate students in English or related disciplines at any
time. Specific submission deadlines for upcoming issues are as follows:

General issue
Deadline: November 1, 1998

Postmodernism, Primitivism, Nostalgia
Deadline: December 15, 1998

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