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From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: Re: 12.0276 stop lists?

>> From: "Dr Donald J. Weinshank" <weinshan@cse.msu.edu>

Joe Raben wrote...................

>From owner-humanist@lists.Princeton.EDU Wed Oct 28 14:54:48 1998

I would appreciate receiving a list of stop words for a simple concordance
program I am having written.

Some years ago, the late Paul Barrett and I (and some other people)
published four concordances to Darwin's works.

Weinshank, D.J., Ozminski, S., Ruhlen, P., and
Barrett, W., A Concordance To Charles Darwin's
Notebooks, 1836-1844, Cornell University
Press, Ithaca, 1989.

Barrett, P., Weinshank, D.J., Ruhlen, P., and
Ozminski, S., A Concordance To Darwin's The
Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to
Sex, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, 1987,
1136pp, ISBN 0-8014-2085-7

Barrett, P., Weinshank, D.J., Ruhlen, P.,
Ozminski, S., and Berghage, B. A Concordance
To Darwin's The Expression of The Emotions in
Man and Animals, Cornell University Press,
Ithaca, 1986, 515 pp., ISBN 0-8014-1990-5

Barrett, P., Weinshank, D.J., and Gottleber,
Timothy T., A Concordance to Darwin's Origin
of Species, First Edition, Cornell University
Press, Ithaca, 1981, 8355 pp., ISBN

For this purpose, we created a suppression list ("stop words")
which I am forwarding to Joe Raben. If anybody else would
like this list, which is somewhat sui generis because of the
nature of the concordances, I would be happy to send it.

Dr. Don Weinshank weinshan@cse.msu.edu
Phone (517) 353-0831 FAX (517) 432-1061
Comp. Sci., Michigan State http://www.cse.msu.edu/~weinshan

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