12.0287 electronic philology & editions

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Sat, 7 Nov 1998 03:23:07 +0000 (GMT)

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Date: Wed, 4 Nov 98 00:05:26 +0100
From: JR <joseph.reisdoerfer@iserp.lu>
Subject: Re: 12.0275 editing medieval texts

- B. Cerquiglini and J.-L. Lebrave have written an interesting paper on
electronic philology: "Philectre: Ein interdisziplinaeres
Forschungsproject im Bereich der elektronischen Philologie", Zeitschrift
fuer Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 27 (1997-106) 85-93.

- Interesting examples of electronic editions can be found at the
following site: <http://palissy.humana.univ-nantes.fr/cete/cete.html>


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