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Sat, 7 Nov 1998 03:25:47 +0000 (GMT)

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Date: Mon, 02 Nov 1998 17:05:03 -0500
From: "David L. Hoover" <dh3@IS.NYU.EDU>
Subject: English Department Home Pages Worldwide Update

This is just to announce a major update to my "English
Department Home Pages Worldwide at


When I did the first version a couple of years ago, I was
able to scrape together about 300 home pages of English
Departments. I was expecting to find more this time, but not
a fourfold increase to nearly 1300! Any corrections,
additions, etc. will be appreciated.


           David L. Hoover, Deputy Chair & Webmaster, NYU
English Department

david.hoover@nyu.edu 212-998-8832

http://www.nyu.edu/gsas/dept/english/ A metaphor is a lie that becomes true in the telling.

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