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Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 22:29:06 +0000
From: "R.G. Siemens" <Raymond.Siemens@UAlberta.ca>
Subject: CFP (ACH at the MLA, 1999): The 'New' Computer-Assisted
Literary Criticism: What Does it Look Like? What Will it
Look Like?

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The 'New' Computer-Assisted Literary Criticism:
What Does it Look Like? What Will it Look Like?

A session sponsored by the Association for Computing and the
Humanities at the 1999 meeting of the Modern Language Association

This panel will explore computer-assisted literary criticism in a context
which, though dependent upon earlier conceptions of what the computer can
bring to literary criticism and scholarship, ultimately is situated in the
present and looks toward the future. Topics may include, but need not be
limited to, the following: [1] examinations of ways in which critical
discourses facilitated by the computer have a significant, and will
continue to have an increasing, presence in contemporary critical culture;
[2] explorations of ways that the discourse of computing has and/or will
have a significant place, explicitly or implicitly, in many approaches to
literary studies; and [3] considerations of the underpinnings of the
increasingly interdependent relationship between extant literary critical
discourses and humanities computing theory and practice.

Paper proposals or completed papers for consideration to be sent by
February 15 to:

Ray Siemens
Department of English
U of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. T6G 2E5.
fax: (403) 492-8142
e-mail: Raymond.Siemens@UAlberta.ca

Additional details to be posted, as they arise, at <URL:

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