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[1] From: Beatrice Huisman <bhuisman@swets.nl> (38)
Subject: Digital Creativity

[2] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (107)
Subject: _Kairos_ 3.1 Now On The Web!

Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 16:07:58 +0200
From: Beatrice Huisman <bhuisman@swets.nl>

Digital Creativity is an international, refereed journal which covers
all the traditional sub-disciplines of art and design (fine art
painting, printmaking, sculpture, graphic design, illustration,
photography, textiles and fashion, 3D design, product design, jewellery,
ceramics, furniture, etc.) as well as the performing arts (theatre,
dance, music, etc.). It also covers the newly emerging disciplines that
are based around digital technologies as a medium (digital art,
web-based art, computer supported collaborative design, etc.)

Swets & Zeitlinger Publishers have taken over this journal and sample
copies of our first issue are available. This is a theme issue on 'Art
and Consciousness in the Post-Biological Era.

ROY ASCOTT: Consciousness Reframed: Art and Consciousness in the
Post-Biological Era
REBECCA ALLEN: The Bush Soul: Travelling Consciousness in an Unreal
DIANA DOMINGUES: The Desert of Passions and the Technological Soul
JOHANNA DRUCKER: The Next Body and Beyond: Meta-Organisms,
Psycho-Prostheses and Aesthetics of Hybridity
EBON FISHER: The Future of Wiggling Things
CAROL GIGLIOTTI: What is Consciousness For?
RYSZARD W. KLUSZCZYNSKI: Art of Virtual Bodies
TED KRUEGER: Autonomous Architecture
NIRANJAN RAJAH: Prosthetics for the Mind: Augmenting the Self with
NAOKO TOSA & RYOHEI NAKATSU: Artistic Communication for A-Life and

Please send a message to pub@swets.nl to request a sample copy.
More details available from: http://www.swets.nl/sps/journals/dc1.html

Beatrice Huisman
Publishers' Assistant

P.O. Box 825
2160 SZ Lisse
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 252 435 411
Fax: +31 252 415 888
E-mail: bhuisman@swets.nl

Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 09:32:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: _Kairos_ 3.1 Now On The Web!

>> From: Mick Doherty <doherm@rpi.edu>



Volume 3 * Issue 1 * Spring 1998





"As We May Link"
>From the Editor's Desk(Top)
Mick Doherty, Kairos Editor & Publisher, on the name of the journal,
the meaning of "hypertext" and the death of "Computers and Writing."

Current Issue(s)
Todd Taylor, Web Editor for College Composition & Communication,
discusses the inaugural edition of CCC Online

News from the MOO
Lingua Walks the High Wire
>From Staff and Wire(d) Reports

@Whois Kairos
Kairos FAQ ...News on Kairos News ...
Call For Webtexts ...Personal "Adds"


Copyright, Plagiarism, and Intellectual Property

* Diane Boehm and Laura Taggett consider the question
of plagiarism in online courses;
* TyAnna Herrington offers specific details about legal
issues articulated for online environments;
* Jeffrey Galin and Joan Latchaw propose a change in
the nature of ownership of disciplinary knowledge;
* David Porush considers questions of plagiarism and fair use;
* "The (In)Citers" offer "The Citation Functions: Literary
Production and Reception"

Also included are separate editorials on copyright issues in
electronic publishing from Mick Doherty and Matt Kirschenbaum,
and "Intellectual Property: Q & A." with Johndan Johnson-Eilola.



MOO-based Metacognition:
Incorporating Online and Offline Reflection into the Writing Process
Joel English, Ball State University

Reading Subrin's Swallow
Jackie Goss, Massachussets Institute of Art

Hearings in the U. S. Congress:
Ordinary Deliberation in America's Legislature
Catherine F. Smith, Syracuse University

"The Impossible Dream"
An InterMOO with Michael Joyce and Mark Bernstein
hosted by Sandye Thompson, Joel English and Mick Doherty


NewsWired: All the News that's Fit to "Print"

Advice to the Linelorn:
Crossing State Borders and the Politics of Cyberspace
by Jennifer Jordan-Henley and Barry M. Maid

Computers & Writing 1998
Conference preview ... Kairos Best Webtext Award ...
Proceedings available in 3.2

Conference Wrapups

Excerpted E-list Dialogues

Calls for Participation



A Rhetorical Evaluation of OWLs
by Joan Latchaw and "crossclass" students

E-List Review: ACW-L Plagiarism Thread
by Bill Marsh

Software Review: WebWhacker
by Richard Long

Book Reviews
Connections ... NetLaw ... Nostalgic Angels ...
Stolen Words, Copyrighting Culture ...
Shamans, Software, and Spleens


Response, Replies, and Commentary

Kairos Meet the Authors
MOO followups to Kairos publications
Hosted by LinguaMOO.

Classroom Spotlight
David Schelle's high school Honors English class.

Discussions about "The State of the Profession"
as well as other pertinent topics.

"Why I Am Not a Postmodernist"
by Edward R. Friedlander, M.D.

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(v. 4.05 in particular) will not allow for the use of the _Kairos_
Remote Control. All texts in the journal are accessible without
use of this feature.


_Kairos_ is a webbed journal exploring all aspects of the pedagogical

and scholarly uses of hypertext and other web technologies. It is
designed to serve as a resource for teachers, researchers, and tutors
of writing, including: Technical Writing, Business Writing,
Professional Communication, Creative Writing, Composition,
Literature and a wide variety of humanities-based scholarship.

_Kairos_ is sponsored by the Alliance for Computers and Writing, and
hosted by the English Department of Texas Tech University. _Kairos_
is not formally affiliated with Texas Tech or any other individual
university, department, publishing house, or academic institution.

For more information about _Kairos_ contact Greg Siering:

(c) 1995-1998 _Kairos_

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