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Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:13:34 +0000 (BST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 12, No. 499.
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[1] From: David Green <david@ninch.org> (26)
Subject: Online courses in humanities, arts, foreign languages
in Europe?

[2] From: W Schipper <schipper@morgan.ucs.mun.ca> (21)
Subject: Finding a poem

[3] From: Jim Marchand <marchand@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu> (16)
Subject: Eliza

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:07:18 +0000
From: David Green <david@ninch.org>
Subject: Online courses in humanities, arts, foreign languages in Europe?

>Date: Fri, 05 Mar 1999 09:18:48 -0500
>From: William Gilcher <wgilcher@goethe-dc.org>
>To: David Green <david@ninch.org>
>Dear David,
>I am trying to identify online courses that are either offered or are in
>development in Europe in the fields of the humanities, the arts, and
>foreign languages. I have found a few interesting things, but not much.
>Do you have any suggestions?
>Bill Gilcher

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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:07:34 +0000
From: W Schipper <schipper@morgan.ucs.mun.ca>
Subject: Finding a poem

The brother-in-law of a friend asks the following question:

> [there is a poem that I only partially remember that I'd like to
> have. The lines I remember go like this:
> ... life is a struggle for peace, a longing for rest.
> A hope for the battles to cease, a search for the best.
> And he is not...
> ... for the joy that should be with things as they are.
> Is there some ways to search for this text or do you know the poem?

I know how to find poems when I know the first line. And I suppose if
we had the Chadwyck-Healey Poetry Database I might be able to search for
some of the words or phrases, but we don't. Any help would be


Dr. W. Schipper                     Email: schipper@morgan.ucs.mun.ca
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--[3]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 22:07:51 +0000 From: Jim Marchand <marchand@ux1.cso.uiuc.edu> Subject: Eliza

What has happened to Eliza? If you remember, it was a great program written by Josef Weizenbaum way back when we had no memory. As a kind of Rogerian psychologist, it used your questions to reflect answers back to you. I used it for a number of purposes back when I was teaching and wrote programs such as Freud, The Bavarian Inkeeper, The Wimpy Psychologist, which were fun, if not always good. I also used it in teaching people to program and to switch programming languages. It was great! We still have some of the sessions with good answers: "Du bist nur eine dumme Maschine" (You're just a stupid machine!). Ans. -- "Aber, Herbert, wieso behaupten Sie, ich waere nur eine dumme Maschine" (But, Herbert, what makes you say that I am [note here the German subjunctive in the machine's contrived answer] just a stupid machine?). Some of the push-downs are great also.

Anyway, one hears that a psychologist out in California is still using the program, but I haven't seen it mentioned in years. Maybe I'm just reading the wrong things. Does anybody know anything about the present state of Eliza?

Jim Marchand.

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