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Sat, 1 May 1999 08:24:38 +0100 (BST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 12, No. 604.
Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King's College London

Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 07:36:47 +0100
From: Elisabeth Burr <he229bu@unidui.uni-duisburg.de>
Subject: VERY URGENT: help needed!

Dear colleagues of Humanities Computing,

Our university is facing a very heavy cut in posts (167). It has been proposed
that Romance studies should go. At the moment a rescue plan is being put for-
ward which, however, excludes Italian studies completely. Italian is
considered, by my collegues in the Romance department to be a minor (in
some respects inferior) language. But, as you all know, above all inside
the Italian department humanities computing has been pushed forward. This
is because, despite being a specialist in Romance linguistics, my base is
the Department of Italian. If the Italian department is closed all the
work in:

- corpus building: Italian, French and Spanish newspaper corpus 1994; the
Italian newspaper corpus 1989 part of which you can get from the Oxford
Text Archive or on the CD of ECI,

- computer aided teaching of the linguistics of the Romance languages (some of
you have seen my presentation in Edinburgh or at King's; you might also have
a look at:
or at our semester program under
in order to see who is trying to use, if at all, the media at our disposal ),

- on-line computer aided textual analysis:

(by the way the web pages of our department themselves are my own doing:

- collaboration with ACO*HUM ecc. will be closed down, too.

If there is anything in the above you consider worthwhile, I would like to
urge you to send an e-mail of protest to our Rector:

Prof. Dr. Wolff

or if you prefer to send a fax:

An den
der Gerhard-Mercator-Universitaet Duisburg
Prof. Dr. Wolff
+49 203 379 3500

urging him to seriously consider the consequences of closing down the only
department at Duisburg University which has made a contribution to the
development of good practice in Humanities Computing.

As the decision of closure will be taken the 7th of May, I urge you to send
such an e-mail as soon as possible and by all means by the 6th of May.

For those of you who are involved in literary studies I would like to add
that a landmark History of Italian literature has just been published by
the head of the Italian department, Prof. Dr. Manfred Hardt.

I thank you all in advance for your support

Elisabeth Burr

PD Drin. Elisabeth Burr
FB 3/Romanistik Gerhard-Mercator-Universitaet GH
Geibelstrasse 41 47048 Duisburg
+49 203 3791957 Elisabeth.Burr@uni-duisburg.de
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