13.0021 WordCruncher? 18C Millennium Bugs?

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Tue, 18 May 1999 21:34:24 +0100 (BST)

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 13, No. 21.
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[1] From: Jim Endersby <jje21@cam.ac.uk> (21)
Subject: WordCruncher software

[2] From: John Dawson <jld1@cam.ac.uk> (3)
Subject: 18th Century Millennium Bugs?

Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 21:30:36 +0100
From: Jim Endersby <jje21@cam.ac.uk>
Subject: WordCruncher software

Hello list,

I realise from reading the archives that this is an old, old topic and I
apologise for raising it again. However, I have just acquired a lot of 19th
C correspondence (which I need for my PhD) on disk, which has been
archived/indexed using the shareware version of WordCruncher.

I have three problems: it's a DOS program (yuck!); the shareware version
can't export text for citations (I can cut-and-paste, but only one screenful
at a time and I have to re-format everything), and; I would like to be able
to do slightly more with the text (e.g. searching for multiple terms within
letters to/from specific correspondents) than WordCruncher seems to allow.

Does anyone know what the current status of WordCruncher is? The
www.wordcruncher.com website contains no information about it, and emails to
the company have yet to produce a response. Is there an up-to-date Windows
version? If not, does anyone know a better program that could import the
text files that I have (which are presumably in whatever format WordCruncher

Any assistance gratefully received. Many thanks.
Jim Endersby, Graduate Student
Department of History & Philosophy of Science
University of Cambridge, Cambridge CB2 3RH
Ph (home): (01223) 312 329

Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 21:31:14 +0100
From: John Dawson <jld1@cam.ac.uk>
Subject: 18th Century Millennium Bugs?

From: Richard Ward, The Life of Henry More (1710) [new edition, 1999,

" And this may suffice (and alone suffice) for the Notion of the
_Millennium_; and we may see by it what a Bugbear we are afraid of."

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