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May 26, 1999



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Carol Twigg, formerly the Vice President at Educom responsible for the
National Learning Infrastructure Initiative, has provided some information
on her exciting new project that she asked I share with the CNI community.
Carol can be reached at twiggc@rpi.edu.



The Pew Learning and Technology Program is an $8.8-million, four-year
effort to place the national discussion about the impact that new
technologies are having on the nation's campuses in the context of
student learning and ways to achieve this learning cost-effectively.
The Program has three areas of work:

1) The Pew Grant Program in Course Redesign is a $6 million
institutional grant program that will support efforts of colleges and
universities to redesign their instructional approaches using technology
to achieve cost savings as well as quality enhancements. Redesign
projects will focus on large-enrollment, introductory courses, which
have the potential of impacting significant numbers of students and
generating substantial cost savings. The program expects to award 30 -
35 grants over three years (approximately 10 awards per year) with an
average award of $200,000.

2) The Pew Symposia in Learning and Technology will conduct an ongoing
national conversation about issues related to the intersection of
learning and technology. It will marshal the thinking of acknowledged
experts and frame the issues in ways that are useful to the higher
education community as it incorporates uses of technology into the
academic program. The program will convene two invitational symposia
per year from 1999 through 2002 and produce monographs based on those
discussions from a public-interest perspective.

3) The Pew Learning and Technology Program Newsletter is an electronic
newsletter that will be published quarterly beginning September 1999.
It will highlight ongoing examples of redesigned learning environments
using technology and examine issues related to their development and

To have your name added to the Pew Learning and Technology Program
electronic mailing list, which ensures that you receive the newsletter,
periodic updates and information about this new effort, send an email
message (with subject line left blank) to listproc@lists.rpi.edu. In
the body of the message, type SUB PLTP-L your name.

The Pew Learning and Technology Program is coordinated by the newly
created Center for Academic Transformation at Rensselaer Polytechnic
Institute led by its executive director, Dr. Carol A. Twigg. The
Center's mission is to serve as a source of expertise and support for
those in and around higher education who wish to transform their
academic practices to make them more accessible, more effective and more
productive by taking advantage of the capabilities of information

For further information, please see the Center Web site at
<http://www.center.rpi.edu/>. If you have any problems accessing the
site, please contact Abbie Basile at <basila@rpi.edu> or 518-276-8323.

David L. Green
Executive Director
21 Dupont Circle, NW
Washington DC 20036
202/296-5346 202/872-0886 fax

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