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Date: Thu, 8 Jul 1999 11:39:20 -0400
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Subject: Conf. Announcement / Call For Papers - Evaluate &
Improve: Investigating Lecturers' Teaching in
the arts and humanities

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> > Investigating Lecturers' Teaching in the arts and humanities
> Conference Announcement / Call for papers.
> 'Evaluate & Improve: Investigating Lecturers' Teaching in the arts and
> humanities' including an exhibition of virtual learning environments.
> The Humanities and Arts higher education Network's 5th anniversary
> conference will be held on the 9th October 1999 at the Open University,
> Milton Keynes.
> http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/1999hanconference.html
> Evaluate & Improve will be a one-day conference which will focus on Arts
> and Humanities higher education.
> Dr Paul Clark, the newly appointed chief executive of the Institute for
> Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (ILT), will give the keynote
> address.
> Evaluate & Improve has been chosen as the conference theme because of the
> ILT's emphasis on evidence-based good practice. We would like to invite
> papers that address how we can evaluate our teaching practices, and
> improve them in ways that help our students learn. In particular, we hop=
> to address the following issues:
> *=09the evaluation of classroom teaching [staff / students on staff
> performance]
> *=09the evaluation of multimedia / online teaching to improve student
> learning
> *=09personal evaluation and guidance [e.g. peer evaluation and
> mentoring] to improve student learning
> *=09the evaluation of work-based learning to improve undergraduate
> education
> *=09providing evidence of improvement in teaching and learning.
> Deadline for outline proposals: Friday July 16th.
> The attendance fee will be =A335, with a concessionary rate of =A325 for
> members of the Humanities and Arts higher education Network (HAN) and
> full-time students.
> For more information about submitting a proposal, joining HAN (membership
> is free) or attending the conference, please contact Kelvin Lack
> (k.j.lack@open.ac.uk) or visit the HAN web site at
> http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/han.html
> **** please forward this email to colleagues who might be interested in
> attending ****
> ___________________________________________________
> Kelvin Lack (Manager, Humanities and Arts higher education Network)
> Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University,
> Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
> UK
> Email: k.j.lack@open.ac.uk
> Telephone: (01908) 653488

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