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From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
Subject: UK's Interoperability Focus Project: Invitation to Join Discussion List

News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
from across the Community

August 5, 1999

UK's Interoperability Focus Project:
Invitation to Join Discussion List

The UK's new Interoperability Focus, based within the UK Office for Library
& Information Networking (UKOLN), is announcing a new discussion list on
the range of issues "related to the design, construction, and ongoing
operation of interoperable services in an international cross-domain
digital environment." The group has a special interest in moving "beyond
the library sphere specifically encompassing museums, archives, and other
aspects of the cultural heritage."

David Green

>From: "Paul Miller" <P.Miller@acs.hull.ac.uk>
>To: "David Green" <david@ninch.org>
> >Date: Thu, 5 Aug 1999 21:17:02 +0100

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The UK Interoperability Focus [1] announces a new electronic mailing
list for the discussion of issues related to the design, construction,
and ongoing operation of interoperable services in an international
cross-domain digital environment.

This list, called 'interoperability', is hosted by the United Kingdom's
Mailbase service [2], and is open to anyone interested in serious
discussion of these issues.

To join the list, send a message to


where the body of the message reads

join interoperability Your Name

You must remember to replace 'Your Name', above, with your own name. For

join interoperability Paul Miller

Interoperable services such as those relevant to discussion on this list
span a range of domains, from the United Kingdom's Hybrid Library
projects, to the on-line collections of the world's museums, and
services which facilitate access to a range of these, such as the United
Kingdom's Arts & Humanities Data Service.

The issues, too, are many and varied, spanning technical considerations
(Z39.50, Dublin Core, XML/RDF, <indecs>, IMS, etc.), semantics
(controlled terminologies, thesauri, etc.), politics (issues related to
the release of previously internal data, for example), cross-domain
working, and internationalisation.

The list is intended as a forum for practitioners in these areas, within
which they can discuss the issues which transcend their own individual
disciplines. It will also be used to disseminate information on the work
of the UK Interoperability Focus, and to assist in ensuring that the
work of this post remains relevant to the broader community.

[1] -
[2] - http://www.mailbase.ac.uk/

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