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[1] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (29)
Subject: MSc in Speech and Language Processing

[2] From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> (157)
Subject: UCLA Extension Course: Document Imaging and Document

Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 20:45:24 +0100
From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
Subject: MSc in Speech and Language Processing

>> From: steve cassidy <steve.cassidy@mq.edu.au>

MSc in Speech and Language Processing

Speech Hearing and Language Research Centre
Department of Linguistics

Macquarie University
Sydney, Australia

This Masters program at Macquarie University, Sydney, has been designed
to take advantage of a strong research and development base to provide
a grounding in speech and language technology for graduates who want to
be part of this exciting field.

This is a coursework degree and can be taken over one year full time or
two years part time. Starting in 2000 we are hoping to offer the degree
in distance mode (by correspondence) -- you should be able to complete
the degree within two years in this mode.

The program includes a set of compulsory units introducing speech and
language processing and a range of elective units which explore topics
in detail. Students complete a one-paper research/development project
in thier final semester.

The course is designed for graduates in related disciplines, for
example, Computer Science, Linguistics, or Electrical Engineering, who
wish to gain sufficient expertise in this inherently cross-disciplinary
area to effectively participate in speech and language projects in
industry and academia.

Further details on the course can be found at our web site:


or by sending mail to


Steve Cassidy
Course Coordinator

--[2]------------------------------------------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Aug 1999 20:45:53 +0100 From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> Subject: UCLA Extension Course: Document Imaging and Document Management

NINCH ANNOUNCEMENT News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources from across the Community August 23, 1999

UCLA Extension Course: Document Imaging and Document Management September 30-October 2, 1999. Stephen J. Gilheany <http://www.UnEx.UCLA.edu/catalog/>http://www.UnEx.UCLA.e <http://www.UnEx.UCLA.edu/catalog/>http://www.UnEx.UCLA.edu/catalog/

>From: "Stephen J. Gilheany" <SteveGilheany@worldnet.att.net> >To: "Post NINCH Calender" <david@ninch.org> >Management, Fall 1999

>***** >3 Day UCLA Extension Course in Document Imaging and Document Management, >Fall 1999 >***** >. >For those persons who cannot attend the class, most of the class materials >are available free at <http://www.ArchiveBuilders.com/abpapers.html>http://www.ArchiveBuilders.com /abpapers.html > >At UCLA, Three days, Fall 1999: Thursday, September 30, 1:00 PM to 9:00 PM, >Friday, October 1, 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, and Saturday, October 2, 9:00 AM to >5:00 PM, 1999. $395. 2.1 CEU (Continuing Education Units 814.14 Reg # >D7804U >+1 (310) 825-9971 to register by phone. The UCLA Extension catalog is at >http://www.UnEx.UCLA.edu/catalog/ >(Use "Document Imaging Document Management" as the search keyword) > >This course is for managers who have been assigned to manage a document >imaging system or digital library, and must start immediately. Students >will gain an understanding of how document imaging can be used and managed >in both small and large scale organizations. Document imaging is the >process of taking documents out of file cabinets, and off shelves, and >storing them in a computer. This course provides an understanding of the >details that there is often no time to review in the rush to implement a >system. Students will learn about the technology of scanning, importing, >transmitting, organizing, indexing, storing, protecting, locating, >retrieving, viewing, printing, and preserving documents for document >imaging systems and digital libraries. Image and document formats, >metadata, multimedia, rich text, PDF (Portable Document Format), GIS >(Geographic Information Systems), CAD (Computer Aided Design), virtual >reality indices, and image enabled databases will be discussed. System >design issues in hardware, software, ergonomics, and workflow will be >covered. Emerging technologies such as the DVD Digital Video Disk and very >high speed Internet, intranet, and extranet links and protocols will be >discussed. The course will include the DVD's role in completing the >merging to the PC and television, the merging of telephony, cable, and the >Internet, the merging of home and office, the merging of business and >entertainment, and the management of the resulting document types. Many >professionals including records managers, librarians, and archivists work >with document management issues every day. While not limited to these >professionals, this course builds on the broad range of tools and >techniques that exist in these professions. The class content is designed >so that students can benefit from each part of the class without fully >understanding every technical detail presented. This course is designed >for non-technical professionals. Several system designs will be done based >on system requirements provided by the students. > >Many of the instruction materials are available free at >http://www.ArchiveBuilders.com/abpapers.html (The materials are updated >from time to time, please check for new version numbers.) > >Instructor: SteveGilheany@ArchiveBuilders.com BA CS, MBA, MLS >Specialization in Information Science, CDIA (Certified Document Imaging >System Architect), CRM (Certified Records Manager), AIIM MIT and LIT, Sr. >Systems Engineer, ArchiveBuilders.com +1 (310) 937-7000, Fax: +1 (310) >937-7001. > >Overnight accommodations: on/next to campus: UCLA Guest House +1 (310) >825-2923 Single/Double $84/$89, UCLA Tiverton House +1 (310) 794-0151 >$84/89, >Hilgard House +1 (310) 208-3945 $94/$99 (UCLA rate); near campus, shuttle >to >UCLA: Summit Hotel Bel Air +1 (310) 476-6571 $105 (UCLA rate), Brentwood >Holiday Inn +1 (310) 476-6411 $99 (UCLA rate), Westwood Doubletree +1 (310) >475-8711 $102/$112 (UCLA rate) rates subject to change without notice >please see <http://www.UnEx.UCLA.edu>http://www.UnEx.UCLA.edu for updates. > >The Instructor has taught classes similar to this course to document >imaging users and managers, to digital projects librarians in Singapore, in >legal records management, and to various industry groups. He has worked in >digital document management and document imaging for eighteen years. His >experience in the application of document management and document imaging >in industry includes: aerospace, banking, manufacturing, natural >resources, petroleum refining, transportation, energy, federal, state, and >local government, civil engineering, utilities, entertainment, commercial >records centers, archives, non-profit development, education, and >administrative, engineering, production, legal, and medical records >management. At the same time, he has worked in product management for >hypertext, for windows based user interface systems, for computer displays, >for engineering drawing, letter size, microform, and color scanning, and >for xerographic, photographic, newspaper, engineering drawing, and color >printing. > >In addition, the instructor has nine years of experience in data center >operations and database and computer communications systems design, >programming, testing, and software configuration management. He has an MLS >Specialization in Information Science and an MBA with a concentration in >Computer and Information Systems from UCLA, a California Adult Education >teaching credential, and a BA in Computer Science from the University of >Wisconsin at Madison. His industry certifications include: the CDIA >(Certified Document Imaging System Architect), the AIIM Master (MIT), and >AIIM Laureate (LIT), of Information Technologies (from AIIM International, >the Association of Information and Image Management, www.AIIM.org), and the >CRM (Certified Records Manager) (from the ICRM, the Institute of Certified >Records Managers, an affiliate of ARMA International, the Association of >Records Managers and Administrators, www.ARMA.org). 995v75 > >The following is an example of the materials available at >http://www.ArchiveBuilders.com/abpapers.html There are also several >papers that describe various document management topics in prose. > >Computer storage requirements for various digitized document types. > >1 scanned page (8 1/2 by 11 inches, A4) = 50 KiloBytes (KByte) (on average, >black & white, CCITT G4 compressed) > >1 file cabinet (4 drawer) (10,000 pages on average) = 500 MegaBytes (MByte) >= 1 CD (ROM or WORM) > >2 file cabinets = 1,000 MBytes = 1 GigaByte (GByte); 10 file cabinets = 1 >DVD (WORM) > >2,000 file cabinets = 1,000 GigaBytes = 1 TeraByte (TByte); 2,000 file >cabinets = 200 DVDs > >1 box (in inches: 12 wide x 15 long x 9.5 deep) (2,500 pages) = 1 file >drawer = 2 linear feet of files = 125 Mbytes > >8 boxes = 16 linear feet = 2 file cabinets = 1 GByte; 8,000 boxes = >16,000 linear feet = 1,000 GBytes = 1 TByte > =============================================================== NINCH-Anounce is an announcement listserv, produced by the National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH), a diverse coalition of arts, humanities and social science organizations created to assure leadership from the cultural community in the evolution of the digital environment.

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