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[1] From: Charles Ess <DRU001D@vma.smsu.edu> (56)
Subject: interesting experiment in text and media?

[2] From: <S.A.Rae@open.ac.uk> (57)
Subject: HAN'99 Conference - Programme Details

[3] From: "Michael P. Thompson" <thompson@resourcenter.com> (8)
Subject: SSP Annual Meeting June 1-3, 2000

Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 22:36:20 +0100
From: <DRU001D@vma.smsu.edu>
Subject: interesting experiment in text and media?


Apropos of the recent reflections on the nature of text and new media,
I forward to you the following call for papers/presenters. My hope is
that HUMANIST readers will have thoughts and suggestions regarding at
least two of the three domains we are attempting to bring together -
i.e., critical thinking and the transformations of same as occasioned/
required by the "transmediation" of text (in this case, arguably an
important text in Western traditions, whatever one's stance regarding
its content...)

I see the following as an interesting example of an experiment which
will not only further some of the discussion of general interest to
HUMANIST readers (precisely the questions of text, media, literacy, etc.)
- but also one that may, given the texts at stake, provide some
distinctive insights as well.

In any case, please cross-post as appropriate. And thanks in advance
for any assistance you may be able to provide.

Cheers -
Charles Ess
Philosophy and Religion
Drury College
Springfield, MO 65802 USA

Call for papers, presenters: Critical Thinking and the Bible in the Age of
New Media

As part of an American Bible Society project, I am identifying possible
contributors for a conference on critical thinking as applied to Bible
study - as the Bible is transformed into new media (e.g., hypermedia on
CD-ROM and the Web). The conference (planned for February, 2000,
in New York) will bring together prominent scholars and researchers in
the areas of critical thinking, Bible study (both academic and lay), and
media studies: both formal presentations and structured dialogues will
aim toward (1) explicating current understanding of these three
activities/research areas and their intersections, and (2) determining
ways of developing such interdisciplinary approaches to Bible study in
the Age of New Media.

Presenters selected to attend the conference will receive an appropriate
honorarium; selected conference papers will be published in some form
(minimally, as proceedings, perhaps as a book).

Suggestions and nominations (including self-nominations) should be
addressed to: Charles Ess, Philosophy and Religion Department, Drury
College, 900 North Benton Ave., Springfield, MO, 65802 USA, by
September 15, 1999. E-mail responses are especially encouraged:

Brief Rationale: interdisciplinary interest in critical thinking has
generated numerous definitions (e.g., Facione, 1995), workshops and
conferences, and centers devoted to further study and teaching of critical
thinking. While critical thinking is at least implicitly at work in
academic approaches to Biblical study, it is less clear how traditional
Bible study materials oriented to the laity presume or foster critical
thought. At the same time, current approaches to and understanding of
the Bible are being transformed - perhaps in radical ways - as the Bible
is "transmediated" into new computer-based media (for example, the
hypermedia versions of Biblical materials produced by the American
Bible Society, Bible web pages, Internet chat rooms and discussion
lists, etc.). As the Bible shifts from print to what Walter Ong calls the
"secondary orality" of electronic culture - what will critical thinking in
this new context mean, and how may it be fostered in the new media?

Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 22:36:49 +0100
From: <S.A.Rae@open.ac.uk>
Subject: HAN'99 Conference - Programme Details

Conference Announcement

Evaluate & Improve: Investigating Lecturers' Teaching in the arts and
including an exhibition of virtual learning environments.


The Humanities and Arts higher education Network's 5th anniversary
will be held on the 9th October, 1999 at the Open University, Milton Keynes,

Evaluate & Improve will be a one-day conference which will focus on Arts and
Humanities higher education.

Dr Paul Clark, the Chief Executive of the Institute for Learning and
Teaching in Higher Education (ILT), will give the keynote address.

Other Conference speakers include:

Prof Lewis Elton - Dangers of doing the wrong thing righter
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/lewiselton1999.html)

Lisa Whistlecroft - Evaluating First-Time Lecturing: Where to start? When
to stop?
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/lisawhistlecroft1999.html)

Dr Frances Condron - Measuring the effectiveness of electronic resources in
small-group teaching: The ASTER Project
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/francescondron1999.html)

John Turner and Peter Hartley - What do users really think about
computer-based learning packages and what does this tell us as CBL

Dr Judith George - Mapping the student's learning experience
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/judithgeorge1999.html)

Dr William Johnston - Cultural Change in Context - evaluation in pursuit of
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/williamjohnston1999.html)

Kathryn Southworth - What do students really really want? (And should we
give it to them?)
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/kathrynsouthworth1999.html)

Arlene Oak - Evaluating Voices: Assessment talk in design and architecture
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/arleneoak1999.html)

Dr Richard Hall - Evaluating the Context of On-line History Teaching: The
First Year of the Chic Project
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/richardhall1999.html)

Dr Tim Hammond - Supporting Students/Supporting the Curriculum: Evaluating
Tutorial Provision in the Arts and Humanities.
(abstract: http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/timhammond1999.html)

The attendance fee will be 35, with a concessionary rate of 25 for members
of the Humanities and Arts higher education Network (HAN) and full-time

For more information about joining HAN (membership is free) or attending the
conference, please contact Kelvin Lack (k.j.lack@open.ac.uk) or visit the
HAN web site at http://www-iet.open.ac.uk/iet/herg/han.html

**** please forward this email to colleagues who might be interested in
attending ****
Kelvin Lack (Manager, Humanities and Arts higher education Network)
Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University
Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA
Telephone: (01908) 653488

Date: Thu, 02 Sep 1999 22:37:02 +0100
From: "Michael P. Thompson" <thompson@resourcenter.com>
Subject: SSP Annual Meeting June 1-3, 2000

The Society for Scholarly Publishing will hold its 22nd Annual
Meeting June 1-3, 2000 in Baltimore, Maryland. I know advance
information can help in your planning, so I thought it would be
helpful to post this. Hope to see many of you there.

See website for more information: <http://www.sspnet.org>


******Michael P. Thompson******
****Director of Communications***

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