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Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 20:03:26 +0000
From: Ken Friedman <ken.friedman@bi.no>
Subject: Design Research discussion group

This message is an invitation to join the Design Research Society email
discussion group.

DRS is the electronic discussion list of the Design Research Society. It
enables researchers around the world to discuss research-related design
topics through emailed messages.

Since June, there have been substantive threads on design theory, doctoral
education, design research methodology and a lengthy discussion on the
relationship between practice and research. There have also been specific
topic issues and conference calls.

This research field is of interest to scholars and researchers in:
architecture, engineering, information design, process design, interface
design, systems design, the larger disciplines of engineering, information
technology, information science, computer science, cognitive studies,
economic history, logistics, ergonomics, communication, library science,
materials science, cognitive studies, industrial design, graphic design,
textile design, furniture design, product design, transportation design,
urban design, design leadership and design management.

To join the discussion, or simply to lurk and read, all you need to do is
join the 'DRS' mailing list. This list is unmoderated list. It is free. It
is operated as a service for all design researchers.

To join the DRS discussion list, send an email message to:


(leave the 'subject' line blank)

In the body of the email, type a message that reads:

JOIN DRS yourFirstName yourLastName

(for example: JOIN DRS William Gates)

When you subscribe, you will see you can also set your subscription to come
to you as a daily digest, all material gathered once a day. Subscriptions
are free.

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