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From: Michelle Ziegler <MichelleZi@AOL.COM> (18)
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Subject: [Fwd: Heroic Age Issue 2]

I am pleased to announce the second issue of The Heroic Age is now

Our second issue focuses on the interface between Late Antiquity and the
early medieval period in Britain, covering topics ranging from the
chronology and figures of post-Roman Britain to the formative period of an
Anglo-Saxon kingdom.

The permanent URL is http://www.mun.ca/mst/heroicage/issues/2/ha2toc.htm.

We have also established a mirror site at
The mirror site will remain posted only until February.

On behalf of the staff of The Heroic Age, I would like to wish you all a
Happy Holidays!


Michelle Ziegler

Editor-in-Chief, The Heroic Age

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