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      [1] From: "James J. O'Donnell" <jod@ccat.sas.upenn.edu> (48)
            Subject: a new Augustine seminar

      [2] From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org> (51)
            Subject: NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETINGS 2000

            Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 15:22:42 -0500 (EST)
            From: "James J. O'Donnell" <jod@ccat.sas.upenn.edu>
            Subject: a new Augustine seminar

    In spring 1994 I taught an Internet seminar on the work and thought of
    Augustine of Hippo, with 500 auditors from around the world. Now, about
    three generations later in Internet time, I propose to repeat the seminar,
    with multiple improvements.

    In spring 2000 (beginning 1/17/2000) I will teach a course for advanced
    undergrads and grad students at Penn called "The Unknown Augustine". For
    now, see http://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/jod/augsem.html. The purpose of the
    course is to introduce students to Augustine and his work, but to do so in
    a nontraditional way. We will begin by emphasizing his "ordinary" work --
    sermons and letters, including texts newly discovered in the last twenty
    years -- in order to form a picture of the man and his message and his
    style. Only then will we return to the more familiar works, concluding
    rather than beginning the course by reading the Confessions. It is being
    offered at Penn as Latin 409 (for those who will do substantial reading in
    the original) and Religious Studies 432 (for those who will do most or all
    readings in English).

    I am writing to offer you two ways to participate in this course.

            (1) A small number of individuals will be invited to be
            full participants alongside the students who meet in a
            Penn classroom. We have new software systems to facilitate
            this and it would be a good experiment in just how far and
            well "distance learning" can interact with traditional
            forms. This is the most exciting option. The University
            has agreed to allow us to do this for a one-time fee of
            $200 and I will limit the number of participants in this
            form to no more than one "virtual" student for each
            registered traditional student. If you are interested in
            this option, please write me directly. You will be expected
            to participate fully and perform all assignments, but your
            work will be non-graded and not-for credit.

            (2) If you would simply like to "audit" a limited set of
            the course's activities (mainly an e-mail discussion
            facilitated by weekly summaries of the in-class discussion),
            please send e-mail to listproc@ccat.sas.upenn.edu with
            the simple message "subscribe augsem Your Name" -- and you
            will be added to that list. This old list (augustine@ccat.sas)
            will be discontinued after I send this message -- many of the
            addresses have gone bad and many of the recipients are no longer
            interested. There is no charge for this kind of participation,
            which will resemble (for those of you who were there) the
            1994 internet seminar in form.

    With best wishes to all for the new year: I hope many of you will choose
    to join us in wrestling with Augustine in all his brilliance,
    obstreperousness, charm, and stubbornness!

    Jim O'Donnell
    Classics, U. of Pennsylvania

            Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2000 19:51:09 -0500
            From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
            Subject: NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETINGS 2000

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 3, 2000


                       NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETINGS 2000 SERIES:
                          "COPYRIGHT & THE CULTURAL COMMUNITY"

                        January 11 - Chicago Historical Society
                           February 4 - Syracuse University
              February 26 - College Art Association Conference, New York
             March 7 - Triangle Research Library Network, North Carolina
          April 5 - Visual Resources Association Conference, San Francisco

           May 18 - American Association of Museums Annual Meeting, Baltimore

    With support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the National Initiative
    for a Networked Cultural Heritage announces a new series of six Copyright
    Town Meetings for the cultural community during the year 2000.

    The series of day-long and half-day meetings builds on the popular
    1997-98 Town Meetings on Copyright & Fair Use, organized jointly with the
    American Council of Learned Societies and the College Art Association,
    which focused on the Conference on Fair Use and its aftermath.

    The 2000 series of Town Meetings will be held in Chicago, Syracuse, New
    York City, Chapel Hill, San Francisco and Baltimore and will be hosted by
    the Chicago Historical Society, Syracuse and Cornell Universities, the
    College Art Association, the Triangle Research Library Network (North
    Carolina), the Visual Resources Association and the American Association
    of Museums.

    Issues to be covered by the meetings include changes in copyright law as
    it affects working online; fair use and its online future; the status of
    the public domain; ownership and access of online copyrighted material;
    distance education; and the development and implementation of
    institutional and organizational copyright policies and principles.

    A hallmark of the Town Meetings will be the balance of expert opinion and
    audience participation. Speakers to date will include among others:
    Robert Baron, Howard Besser, Kathleen Butler, Kenneth Crews, Eric Eldred,
    Dakin Hart, Peter Hirtle, Tyler Ochoa, Rodney Petersen, Christine Sundt,
    Barry Szczesny, Sandy Thatcher, Richard Weisgrau and Diane Zorich.

    For full details on the Town Meetings, including information about
    registration and any admission fees, agendas and speakers as they are
    announced, as well as for later reports on the meetings, see

    For a full report on the 1997-98 Town Meetings series, see

    * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

    Local committees have organized the town meetings, which have been
    coordinated and reviewed by the NINCH Town Meetings Working Group. The
    Copyright Town Meetings series is a component of the NINCH Copyright
    Education Program, organized by the NINCH Advocacy Working Group.

    Kathe Albrecht, American University/Visual Resources Association
    Mary Case, Association of Research Libraries
    Robert Baron and Katie Hollander, College Art Association
    Kenneth Crews, Indiana University
    Georgia Harper, University of Texas
    Sanford Thatcher, Pennsylvania State University Press/Association of
    American University Presses
    Pat Williams & Barry Szczesny, American Association of Museums
    Martha Winnacker, University of California.

    Kathe Albrecht, American University/Visual Resources Association
    Rachel Allen, National Museum of American Art/Museum Computer Network
    Kimber Craine, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies
    Anita DiFanis, Association of Art Museum Directors
    Susan Fox, Society of American Archivists
    Charles Henry, Rice University
    Pat Williams/Barry Szczesny, American Association of Museums

    The National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH) is a
    diverse coalition of over 70 arts, humanities and social science
    organizations created to assure leadership from the cultural community in
    the evolution of the digital environment.
    NINCH-Anounce is an announcement listserv, produced by the National
    Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH). The subjects of
    announcements are not the projects of NINCH, unless otherwise noted;
    neither does NINCH necessarily endorse the subjects of announcements. We
    attempt to credit all re-distributed news and announcements and
    appreciate reciprocal credit.

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