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      [1] From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu> (171)
            Subject: Position Available: AMICO

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            Subject: Call for Applications for the American Memory Fellows

            Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 21:09:50 +0000
            From: "David L. Gants" <dgants@english.uga.edu>
            Subject: Position Available: AMICO

    >> From: jtrant@amico.org


    DEADLINE: This competition has been reopened. Applications will be=20
    reviewed on a rolling basis, and accepted until the position is=20

    A PDF version of this file is available at=20

    AMICO Library Editor: Responsibilities

      The AMICO Library Editor is responsible for the application of data=20
    standards to the
      compiled AMICO Library, for the identification and implementation of=20
    best practices
      in the documentation of cultural artifacts, and for the coordination=20
    of the development
      of the AMICO Library.

    1. Data Standards and Quality Control

      Staffs Editorial Committee

      Provides support and assistance to by the AMICO Editorial Committee in the
      specification of data standards, controlled vocabulary and authority files.
      Documents Editorial Committee decisions.
      Identifies items for Editorial Committee consideration.
      Analyzes the implications of implementing Editorial Committee decisions.
      Where necessary, completes research on data standards, and reports=20
    on the result to
      AMICO and the Editorial Committee.

      Develops Documentation

      Maintains the AMICO Data Specification, documenting the technical=20
    formats, transfer
      syntax, data structure and data values required and recommended for the AMI=
      Enhances documentation to record recommended practice.
      Develops guidelines for the application of other art documentation=20
    standards (such as
      the AAT and ULAN) in the AMICO Library.
      Develops examples of the application of the AMICO Data=20
    Specification, on a field, and
      record level. Maintains a selection of sample records illustrating catalogi=
      problems, and highlighting the depth and breadth of the AMICO Library.
      Maintains maps between the AMICO Data Specification and other art=20
      standards and specifications, such as the VRA Core and the Categories for t=
      Description of Works of Art, the Dublin Core and in-house=20
    collections documentation

      Implements Data Standards and Best Practices

      Develops strategies to implement of data standards and consistent indexing.
      Maintains and develops AMICO's Artists Authority (biographical) file.
      Designs and conducts indexing and authority development projects to provide
      additional and consistent access points to the AMICO Library.
      Works with AMICO Technical Staff to specify and supervise Library-wide data
      cleanup and standardization projects.
      Supervises interns in the execution of indexing and authority=20
    development projects.

      Collaborates across Communities

      Serves as liaison to data standards activities in the field.
      Works with professional organizations such as ARLIS, CAA, CIMI, MCN,=20
    and VRA to
      develop common strategies for cultural documentation and networked access.
      Works with users of the AMICO Library to determine most effective=20
    and efficient
      means of meeting their access needs.

      Prepares and presents papers and reports on the construction and use=20
    of the AMICO

    2. AMICO Library Development

      Member Contributions

      Assists members in their regular contributions to the AMICO Library, includ=
      assisting with maps between local systems and the AMICO Data Specification,
      supporting the contribution process, providing help with the=20
    web-based Contribution
      Management System, analyzing error reports, and debugging files.
      Manages the validation and correction of new contributions to the=20
    AMICO Library,
      following up with Members where required to ensure necessary corrections ar=
      Works with AMICO Technical staff to ensure the integrity of the=20
    AMICO Library as
      delivered to AMICO's distribution partners.

      Content Profiling

      Develops and implements methods to characterize the AMICO Library=20
    and illustrate
      its breadth and depth.
      Identifies and develops subsets of the AMICO Library that meet=20
    particular curricular
      or user requirements.
      Recommends (and if possible implements) web-based features=20
    highlighting aspects of
      the AMICO Library and its possible use.

      Content Development

      Identifies areas of strength and weakness in the content of the AMICO Libra=
      Works with AMICO Members to define areas of content contribution.
      Develops programs and strategies for content development.
      Prepares funding applications for the support of specific content=20
    creation projects.

    3. AMICO Library Editor: Qualifications


      Graduate degree in art history, cultural studies, history or library=20
    and information
      science or related field.
      Subject knowledge of art history and familiarity with arts education=20
      Multiple Languages an asset.


      Several years hands-on work with online cultural documentation.
      Familiarity with existing and developing art documentation standards.
      Knowledge of the communities that create and use online cultural=20


      Independent, self-directed and highly motivated.
      Facility working with teams and building consensus.
      High degree of comfort in extremely automated environment.
      HTML and Web-based programming and/or specification highly desirable.

      Reporting Structure

      Reports to the Executive Director of AMICO.
      Collaborates with Technical and Client Services Staff.
      Supervises interns.


      Salary commensurate with experience (30-45,000 $US); this is a=20
    professional position.


      The AMICO Offices are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    4. AMICO Library Editor: Application Details

      Written Applications for this position, outlining professional experience a=
      expertise, should be addressed to:

      Jennifer Trant
      Executive Director
      Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO)

      Email: jtrant@amico.org

      Applications MUST Include:

      Cover letter highlighting relevant experience
      A full R=E9sum=E9
      A list of Publications and presentations and URLs of any web sites
      An Email address where we can reach you.


      Include cover letter in the body of the message
      Append Resume and publications list as attachments to your email message
      List attachments and corresponding file names at the end of your cover lett=
      Name your attached file with your last name, and number them=20
    sequentially. (e.g.
      Smith1.doc Smith2.doc)

      DEADLINE: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis;=20
    applications accepted until the
      position is filled.

    About AMICO

    The Art Museum Image Consortium is an independent, not-for-profit membership
    association of institutions with collections of art. Incorporated in=20
    June of 1998, AMICO is an innovative collaboration, not seen before=20
    in museums, that shares, shapes and standardizes information=20
    regarding cultural collections and enables its educational use. The=20
    AMICO Library is a multimedia archive compiled by the Art Museum=20
    Image Consortium, and distributed, under license for educational use.=20
    AMICO partners with not-for-profit distributors, to make the AMICO=20
    Library available over secure networks to institutional subscribers,=20
    including universities, colleges, libraries, schools and museums.=20
    Designated users include faculty, students, teachers, staff and=20
    researchers. See http://www.amico.org for full background information.

    J. Trant 2008 Murray Ave, Suite D
    Executive Director Pittsburgh, PA 15217 USA
    Art Museum Image Consortium
    http://www.amico.org Phone: +1 412 422 8533
    jtrant@amico.org Fax: +1 412 422 8594

            Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2000 21:10:28 +0000
            From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
            Subject: Call for Applications for the American Memory Fellows Institute

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 5, 2000

                                    LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

    >Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 08:40:16 -0500
    >From: Danna Bell-Russel <dbell@loc.gov>
    >Organization: Library of Congress

    This announcement is being sent to a variety of lists. Please accept our
    apologies for any duplication.


    American Memory Fellows Program

    The American Memory Fellows Program is an exciting opportunity for
    outstanding teachers, librarians, and media specialists to work with the
    Library of Congress in better understanding how primary sources can
    enrich grades 4-12 curricula. This is a yearlong professional
    development opportunity, the cornerstone of which is the summeri
    nstitute, held this year in Washington, DC, at the Library of Congress,
    in two sessions: July 16-21 or July 23-28, 2000.

    The American Memory Fellows Institute

    The American Memory Fellows Institute sponsors 24 two- person-teams of
    exemplary grade 4-12 educators to come to Washington for a summer
    institute. Each six-
    day session will accommodate 12 teams of 24 Fellows. Teams will not
    attend both sessions; however, to be eligible to apply, teams must be
    available for both
    sessions. To apply, use the application found on-line at

    Applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2000.

    During the 6-day institute, Fellows will work with Library of Congress
    staff and consultants, examine both actual and virtual primary source
    artifacts-photographs, maps, graphic arts, video, documents, and texts -
    plus learn strategies for working with these electronic primary source
    materials, and develop sample teaching materials that draw upon the
    American Memory online materials.

    The Fellowship Year

    Following the Institute, Fellows will continue to develop, refine, and
    'road test' their teaching materials with other colleagues and
    students. These teacher-created materials are then edited for
    presentation on the Library of Congress Learning Page at
    <http://learning.loc.gov/learn/>http://learning.loc.gov/learn/. Throughout
    the school year, Fellows
    participate in on-line discussion groups as this process evolves.
    American Memory Fellows, as mentors to their professions, are also asked
    to share their knowledge with other
    colleagues throughout the nation at workshops and seminars, or in

    Selection Criteria:

    The Library is seeking applications from 2-member teams of humanities
    teachers, librarians, and media specialists who:

    *Have frequent access to and a high level of comfort using the World
    Wide Web, e-mail and other technologies;

    *Have experience using primary sources to motivate students, promote
    critical thinking, and help students connect history to their own lives;

    *Are active leaders in their fields, and/or have the ability to
    disseminate their expertise to teachers and/or librarians in their
    community and region;

    *Work with student populations that are diverse (e.g. by region, income,
    race and ethnicity, language, disability, etc.).

    If you meet these criteria, please print out and complete our online
    application at
    /amfp/intro.html. You may
    make copies of the application for interested colleagues.

    Remember, applications must be postmarked by February 28, 2000. (No
    email, fax or disk-based applications, please.) Notification letters to
    all applicants will be mailed the week of April 24, 2000.

    Please send any inquiries to NDLPEDU@LOC.GOV
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    attempt to credit all re-distributed news and announcements and appreciate
    reciprocal credit.

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