13.0342 jobs in Florence, Italy

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            Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 11:22:29 +0000
            From: Elli Mylonas <elli_mylonas@brown.edu>
            Subject: Position openings, Florence, Italy

    This may be of interest:

    >Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 23:45:51 -0500
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    >From: Joanne Riley <jriley@ne.mediaone.net>
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    >Happy dawning of a new millenial to you all! The Medici Archive Project is
    >pleased to announce some new position openings, all based in Florence,
    >Italy. We would be most grateful if you could forward and post the notices
    >below wherever you deem appropriate.
    >In particular, re/ the Research Coordinator position: if you know of anyone
    >whose expertise combines formal experience in information technology with
    >"completed PhD or equivalent in a humanities field relevant to 16th-18th
    >century European History and culture" please do send that person our way!
    >thanks -
    >The Medici Archive Project: Position Openings
    >The Medici Archive Project is an American non-profit scholarly organization
    >based in Florence, Italy.
    >The Research Coordinator is based in Florence, Italy, and is responsible
    >for the daily operation of the "Documentary Sources" initiative. This is a
    >full-time staff position requiring archival research skills and significant
    >experience with information technology. Compensation: $48,000 per year on a
    >contract basis.
    >More info: http://www.medici.org/positions/rescoord.html
    >The Project is launching a program of three-year fellowships (15 September
    >2000-15 July 2003), including 20 months of full-time work on the
    >"Documentary Sources" database and 10 months of independent research. The
    >annual stipend is $30,000 plus $1,000 travel expenses.
    >More info: http://www.medici.org/positions/fellowships.html

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