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            Date: Sat, 15 Jan 2000 11:18:01 +0000
            From: LeeEllen Friedland <lfri@loc.gov>
            Subject: Preservation Digital Reformatting at LC

    The Preservation Reformatting Division of the Library of Congress
    announces the web release of its first digitizing project, the full
    ten-volume set of the periodical Garden and Forest: A Journal of
    Horticulture, Landscape Art, and Forestry. This landmark publication
    was the first American journal devoted to horticulture, botany,
    landscape design and preservation, national and urban park development,
    scientific forestry, and the conservation of forest resources. The
    digital reproduction can be viewed at the following URL:


    The National Digital Library provided experience and personnel in the
    planning and execution of this preservation project. The Garden and
    Forest project is the first Library of Congress initiative to adapt the
    use of digital technology to serve the traditional preservation goals of
    reformatting deteriorating originals. Preservation goals and
    requirements for selection, completeness, fidelity to the original
    content and structure, and cataloging as applied to this digital project
    are described in the "Digitizing and Delivery" link from the Garden and
    Forest site.

    New policy information that addresses the integration of digital
    technology among the options available for crafting preservation
    strategies has also been added to the LC Preservation web site:


    Garden and Forest contains approximately 8,400 pages, including over
    1,000 illustrations and 2,000 pages of advertisements. Each issue
    contains articles that are both literary, as well as scholarly and
    scientific, and are of interest to readers ranging from curious amateurs
    to practicing professionals. It provides practical information on
    specific plants as well as horticultural practices, guidance on the
    design of gardens, the growth of trees, and the care and management of
    public and private grounds. Many of the articles are illustrated. The
    art work includes line drawings, halftones, diagrams, plans, botanical
    illustrations, portraits, and landscapes. Every issue also contains at
    least four pages of advertisements that provide a valuable snapshot of
    contemporary commercial products, services, and establishments.

    The Preservation Reformatting Division is working collaboratively with
    the University of
    Michigan on the digital conversion and online delivery of Garden and
    Forest with the goal of building a foundation for interoperability with
    other Making of America digital materials (see
    http://moa.umdl.umich.edu/). This has involved developing a model for
    phased delivery that allows progressive additions of features and
    functionality to be provided by different parties, over time. Another
    collaborative effort with the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University has
    focused on the phased addition of access and interpretive aids, such as
    background essays and a comprehensive subject index; the first
    historical background essay is available online with this Phase 1

    Please send all comments and questions to lcweb@loc.gov.

    LeeEllen Friedland
    Preservation Directorate/
    National Digital Library Program
    Library of Congress
    101 Independence Avenue, SE
    Washington, DC 20540-4550
    202 707-1839 phone
    202 707-6449 fax

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