13.0353 Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertations

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Date: Mon Jan 17 2000 - 23:12:24 CUT

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             Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2000 23:05:23 +0000
             From: "Christine Jewell" <cjewell@library.uwaterloo.ca>
             Subject: Symposium on Electronic Theses and

    Dear Colleagues:

    We invite you to attend The Third International Symposium on Electronic
    Theses and Dissertations, March 16th-18th, 2000, University of South
    Florida, St. Petersburg, Florida. Preconference: March 15, 2000.
    This symposium is organized by the NDLTD (Networked Digital Library of
    Theses and Dissertations), a consortium of research universities committed
    to improving graduate education by developing digital libraries of theses
    and dissertations. This conference will serve as a multi-disciplinary forum
    for graduate deans and their staff, librarians, faculty leaders, and others
    who are interested in electronic theses and dissertations, digital
    libraries, and applying new media to scholarship.

    Featured keynoters and plenary workshop leaders include Ed Fox, Director,
    NDLTD; Clifford Lynch, Director, CNI; Ann Hart, Provost, Claremont Graduate
    School; Gerry Lang, Provost, West Virginia University; John Eaton, Associate
    Provost, Virginia Tech; Delphine Lewis, Director of Dissertations, UMI; Roy
    Tennant, Digital Library Project Manager, University of California,
    Berkeley; Stuart Weibel, Senior Research Scientist, OCLC.

    Concurrent sessions will introduce participants to world-wide ETD
    initiatives, including presentations by Jean-Claude Gudon, Universit de
    Montral, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Felix Ubogu, Rhodes University, South
    Africa; Peter Diepold, Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany; Tony
    Cargnelutti and Fred Piper, University of New South Wales, Australia;
    Christine Jewell, University of Waterloo, Canada. Concurrent sessions also
    include reports from leading ETD universities, including VT, UWV, USF, MIT,
    and Emory.

    Workshops in computer classrooms will provide hands-on training in Adobe
    PDF, XML, SGML, and Microsoft Office 2000.

    >From the symposium Web site(<http://etd.eng.usf.edu/Conference>), you can
    view the program or download the registration materials.

    The Council of Graduate Schools, the NDLTD, and West Virginia University
    Libraries are cosponsoring this year's publication of the Symposium

    Please note that we expect to limit the number of registrants. Because
    March is such a popular time in Florida, we encourage you to make your
    reservations early, whether you stay at the conference hotel or along the
    Gulf beaches. For content questions email Joe Moxley:
    moxley@chuma1.cas.usf.edu <mailto:moxley@chuma1.cas.usf.edu>
    For registration questions, contact the Division of Conferences: 813 974
    Conference Web Site: <http://etd.eng.usf.edu/Conference>
    Conference Sponsors: Networked Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations;
    Council of Graduate Schools; Microsoft; Adobe, Dell, University of Florida

    Joseph M. Moxley, Ph.D.
    Professor of English
    University of South Florida
    v: 813 974 9522
    f: 813 974 2270

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