13.370 large text database system

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Date: Tue Feb 01 2000 - 22:19:40 CUT

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             Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 22:10:43 +0000
             From: "Steve Killings" <steve_killings@hotmail.com>
             Subject: Text Explorer

    Hello all,

    I have been a member of Humanist for some time but have, alas, rarely
    contributed to the great discussions. I have been developing (slowly) a
    large text database system for Medieval Latin texts which may be of some
    interest to Humanist participants. It has now reached a more or less
    significant level and I'd like to offer it here to anyone interested. It can
    be downloaded at


    There are two principle elements: the .tdb Encoder and the TE Interface. At
    present I am only making the TE Interface available with some sample texts
    as I hope to integrate build, view and edit functions in later builds. The
    texts available are:

    1.Biblia Vulgata cum Glossa Ordinaria: Biblia Sacra iuxta Vulgatam
    Clementinam and the Glossa Ordinaria from the Douay edition. Filesize: (16.0
    MB) (n.b. this is a monster database with over 1.3 million words. It is the
    prototype db for this system)
       2.Historia Scholastica of Peter Comestor: Filesize: (4.12 MB) (255,107
       3.St. Augustine's De Civitate Dei: Filesize: (3.69 MB) (300,047 words)
       4.Medieval Latin Verse - Carmina Burana: Filesize: (1.11 MB) (38,027 words)

    The TE Interface includes some functionality taken over from the TACT system
    (namely Collocates) and some standard Contextual Search and Browsing
    features. Some additional features include Word Frequencies and the ability
    to find word definitions using the on-line Lewis and Short Dictionary at
    Tufts. The program can save collocates, search results and browse text in
    Plain Text, Rich Text, MS Excel 97 and HTML.

    I welcome function requests and bug reports.


    -Steve Killings

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