13.0394 XML corpus encoding standard; AIO statistics available

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Date: Sat Feb 12 2000 - 09:39:26 CUT

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       [1] From: "Nancy M. Ide" <ide@cs.vassar.edu> (16)
             Subject: XML Version of the Corpus Encoding Standard

       [2] From: David Zeitlyn <D.Zeitlyn@ukc.ac.uk> (55)
             Subject: AIO Statistics for 1999

             Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 09:30:43 +0000
             From: "Nancy M. Ide" <ide@cs.vassar.edu>
             Subject: XML Version of the Corpus Encoding Standard


               XML version of the Corpus Encoding Standard

                              BETA RELEASE


    We are pleased to announce the availability of a Beta release of XCES,
    which instantiates the Corpus Encoding Standard (CES) DTDs for
    linguistic corpora endorsed by the Expert Advisory Group for Language
    Engineering Standards (EAGLES). XCES was developed by the Department
    of Computer Science, Vassar College, and Equipe Langue et Dialogue,

    The current version includes a set of XSL stylesheets for cesDoc
    documents. We are in the process of developing stylesheets for cesAna
    and cesAlign documents.

    We appreciate feedback on XCES. Please contact Nancy Ide
    (ide@cs.vassar.edu) or Patrice Bonhomme (bonhomme@loria.fr).

             Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 09:31:28 +0000
             From: David Zeitlyn <D.Zeitlyn@ukc.ac.uk>
             Subject: AIO Statistics for 1999

    Consolidated usage statistics are now available for Anthropological Index
    Online during 1999. Congratulations are due to the heaviest users (top ten
    follows note that 6 of these are from Canada!). Detailed breakdown is now
    available online. A reminder though: those institutions that make heavy use
    of AIO are being asked to contribute towards the indexing costs. We are NOT
    trying to make money from this, merely to cover our costs.

    We hope that about 100 000+ back entries will be added over the next year
    in a retroconversion programme funded by Getty, Wenner-Gren and Mellon
    among others - more annoucements will follow.

    9250: 2.59%: ualberta.ca
    8041: 2.25%: ubc.ca
    6864: 1.91%: sfu.ca
    5224: 1.49%: uvic.ca
    5122: 1.42%: upenn.edu
    5075: 1.47%: wisc.edu
    5061: 1.41%: ucalgary.ca
    4528: 1.19%: pitt.edu
    4506: 1.25%: bc.ca
    4284: 1.20%: wwu.edu

    best wishes

    Dr David Zeitlyn,
    Hon. Editor Anthropological Index Online
    Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology,
    Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing,
    Department of Anthropology,
    Eliot College,
    The University of Kent,
    CT2 7NS
    Tel. +44 (0)1227 823360 direct)
    Tel: +44 (0)1227 823942 (Office)
    Fax +44 (0)1227 827289
    http://lucy.ukc.ac.uk/dz/ (personal research)

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