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       [1] From: Michael Fraser <mike.fraser@computing- (14)
             Subject: Don Fowler's Memorial Meeting

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             Subject: COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETINGS; Chicago Report

             Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:44:02 +0000
             From: Michael Fraser <mike.fraser@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
             Subject: Don Fowler's Memorial Meeting

    <Please forward to colleagues as appropriate>

    Peta Fowler has asked me to let you know that Don Fowler's memorial
    meeting will take place on Saturday 6 May 2000, 2.30pm at the Examination
    Schools, High Street, Oxford. Refreshments will be served in Jesus College
    afterwards. All are warmly invited to attend.

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        Humanities Computing Unit, OUCS Tel: +44 1865 283 343
        University of Oxford
        13 Banbury Road http://www.humbul.ac.uk/
        Oxford OX2 6NN DRH 2000: http://www.shef.ac.uk/~drh2000

             Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 19:45:03 +0000
             From: NINCH-ANNOUNCE <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETINGS; Chicago Report

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community

    February 14, 2000

                             NINCH COPYRIGHT TOWN MEETINGS

                              Chicago Meeting Report Available

                             New York City Meeting: Feb. 26, 2000
                          College Art Association Annual Conference
                 "The Tug of War between Faculty, University, and Publisher
                    for Rights to the Products of Contemporary Education"

                             Chapel Hill Meeting: March 7, 2000

    CHICAGO: "The Public Domain"

    A report is now available on the CHICAGO COPYRIGHT & FAIR USE TOWN MEETING,
    first of the series of town meetings on COPYRIGHT & THE CULTURAL COMMUNITY,
    organized by NINCH, with support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation. The
    meeting, held on January 11 and hosted by the Chicago Historical Society,
    focused on issues of the Public Domain, while also reporting on the current
    status of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

    The opening paper of the Town Meeting, "Why the Public Domain Is Not Just a
    Mickey Mouse Issue," by Diane Zorich, is also available on the Chicago Town
    Meeting site (or directly at
    ninch.org/copyright/townmeetings/chicagozorich.html). Other speakers
    included Eric Eldred, director of the Eldritch Press; Peter Hirtle,
    Co-Director of the Cornell Institute for Digital Collections; Brad Nugent,
    Assistant Director for Imaging at The Art Institute of Chicago; Tyler
    Ochoa, Associate Professor at Whittier Law School; and Richard Weisgrau,
    Executive Director of the American Society Of Media Photographers.

    The next two town meetings will be co-sponsored by the College Art
    Association at its annual conference in New York City on February 26 and by
    the Triangle Research Libraries Network in Chapel Hill on March 7. Details
    of these two meetings are below:

    NEW YORK CITY: "The Tug of War between Faculty, University, and Publisher
    for Rights to the Products of Contemporary Education."

                        NEW YORK CITY Saturday, February 26, 2000
                            College Art Association Conference
                            Speaker Biographies and Abstracts:

    The Town Meeting in New York City will consist of a double session of the
    College Art Association's Annual Conference. The first session will be held
    at the Museum of Modern Art (Titus One Lecture Theater); session two will
    be held at the Hilton Hotel. For those not attending the conference, there
    is a nominal session fee: please register by calling 212-691-1051 x 206.

    "The Tug of War between Faculty, University, and Publisher for Rights to
    the Products of Contemporary Education."

    ** Session One: 9:30 - 12:00: Museum of Modern Art, 11 West 53 Street.
    (Doors open 9:00 am) In session one speakers will present their reports.

    ** Session Two: 12:30 - 2:00: New York Hilton Hotel, 1335 Sixth Avenue,
    (between 53 & 54 Streets) Session two will be devoted to discussion
    of presentations offered in session one.

    OPEN TO ALL (nominal session fee for non-conference attendees)
    Call 212.691.1051 x206 for reservations.

    A G E N D A

    Robert Baron, Independent Scholar and Chair CAA Intellectual Property

    Overview of Town Meetings Series:
    David Green, National Initiative for a Networked Cultural Heritage (NINCH).


    Christine Sundt, Professor & Visual Resources Curator, University of
    Oregon. Overview: The State of the Question Regarding Copyright, Fair
    Use and Intellectual Property in the Arts.

    Jane Ginsburg, Morton L. Janklow Professor of Literary and Artistic
    Property Law Columbia University Law School. Issues concerning faculty
    ownership of their intellectual property, an analysis of current cases.

    Sanford Thatcher, Director, Pennsylvania State University Press. Issues
    of ownership in the context of a University Press.

    Rodney Petersen, Director of Policy and Planning in the Office of
    Information Technology, University of Maryland. Managing electronic
    course materials developed by academics and related university policy

    CHAPEL HILL: Copyright & Distance Education Online

                             Chapel Hill Meeting: March 7, 2000
                            Triangle Research Libraries Network
                  The William and Ida Friday Continuing Education Center
                         University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


    Copyright & Distance Education Online: A Discussion

    A summary of recent and pending legislation having implications for
    distance education, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA),
    will lead off the event. Attendees then will be asked to respond to
    questions and scenarios posed by the moderators, bringing their own
    teaching and professional experiences to the discussion, and interacting
    with meeting moderators and others participating. In the true spirit of a
    "town meeting," active engagement by everyone in the issues raised and
    healthy debate of the complex problems being encountered in such areas as
    fair use of copyrighted materials and ownership of digital-based courses
    will be encouraged.

    James Boyle, Professor of Law, American University
    Peggy Hoon, North Carolina State University's scholarly communication


    SYRACUSE: Access: The DMCA and Digital Copyright Issues - February
    4 (Meeting Report in progress)

    SAN FRANCISCO: The Public Domain: Implied, Inferred and In Fact - April 5

    BALTIMORE: Copyright Confusion? CommunityGuides - May 18



    With support from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, the National Initiative
    for a Networked Cultural Heritage is sponsoring a series of six Copyright
    Town Meetings for the cultural community during the year 2000.

    The series of day-long and half-day meetings builds on the popular 1997-98
    Town Meetings on Copyright & Fair Use, organized jointly with the American
    Council of Learned Societies and the College Art Association, which focused
    on the Conference on Fair Use and its aftermath.

    The 2000 series of Town Meetings will be held in Chicago, Syracuse, New
    York City, Chapel Hill, San Francisco and Baltimore and will be hosted by
    the Chicago Historical Society, Syracuse and Cornell Universities, the
    College Art Association, the Triangle Research Library Network (North
    Carolina), the Visual Resources Association and the American Association of

    Issues to be covered by the meetings include changes in copyright law as it
    affects working on-line; fair use and its on-line future; the status of the
    public domain; ownership and access of on-line copyrighted material;
    distance education; and the development and implementation of institutional
    and organizational copyright policies and principles.

    A hallmark of the Town Meetings will be the balance of expert opinion and
    audience participation. Speakers include, among others: Robert Baron,
    Howard Besser, Kathleen Butler, Kenneth Crews, Eric Eldred, Jane Ginsburg,
    Dakin Hart, Peter Hirtle, Tyler Ochoa, Rodney Petersen, Christine Sundt,
    Barry Szczesny, Sandy Thatcher, Richard Weisgrau and Diane Zorich.

    For full details on the Town Meetings, including information about
    registration and any admission fees, agendas and speakers as they are
    announced, as well as for later reports on the meetings, see

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