13.0435 how to find out what we need -- at the MLA!

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Date: Thu Feb 24 2000 - 20:01:31 CUT

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             Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 19:53:35 +0000
             From: "Malcolm Hayward, English, IUP, Indiana PA 15705"
             Subject: Re: 13.0431 how to find out what we need,

    I'd like to add my hope that those interested in this
    topic who are MLA members and who might be attending the
    next MLA convention in Washington, DC, Dec. 26-29 2000, will
    consider submitting a paper related to the topic and/or
    computer-based research and approaches to literary studies.
    Proposals for the Computer Studies in Language and Literature
    session should go to David Hoover by email: dh3@is.nyu.edu
    or david.hoover@nyu.edu. The deadline for submissions is
    March 1 (coming right up pretty soon). A PROPOSAL of a couple
    of hundred words is all that is needed right now. Thanks.
    Malcolm Hayward

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