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             From: "Jennifer de Beer" <jennifer@grove.uct.ac.za>
             Subject: [WEB4LIB] Electronic Publishing 2000 - Conference announ

    C A L L F O R P A P E R S


    Fourth International Conference on
    Electronic Publishing


    Kaliningrad/Svetlogorsk, Russia

    August 17-19, 2000

    Kaliningrad State University

    The 4th conference will continue the traditions of the previous
    conferences which took place in Great Britain, 1997, in Hungary, 1998,
    and in Sweden, 1999. It will be held in Kaliningrad, one of the most
    dynamic regions of Russia, which has a status of a special economic

    The conference will concentrate on electronic publishing for both
    specialists and the general public.

    We welcome speakers on non-technical and technical problems.

    Non-technical problems: socio-economic aspects of electronic
    publishing in modern society including presentations of projects on
    electronic libraries, archives, information systems etc., as well as
    their implementation in educational, cultural and health care
    institutions. It will also include other interesting papers within the
    named frame without any restriction.

    Technical problems: prospective technologies of electronic publishing,
    file formats, protocols, networking, retrieval techniques etc.

    Conference Objectives:

    Exchange of international experience for scientific and practical
    purposes focusing on both technical and non-technical problems of IT
    in international communication, including demonstration of models and
    electronic publishing projects, etc. Co-ordination of activities.

    [material deleted]

    Further developments and news of the conference will be announced at
    the conference

    web-site: http://www.albertina.ru/elpub2000 .


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    Cape Library Cooperative (CALICO) & INFOLIT
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