13.0476 Kairos call for submissions

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Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 20:28:36 CUT

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             Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 20:16:51 +0000
             From: James.Inman@furman.edu
             Subject: Kairos Reference and Invitation

    Hey, all----

    I was pleased to see Arun-Kumar's reference to John McLaughlin's book
    review in Kairos: A Journal for Teachers of Writing in Webbed Environments,
    and I'm writing to share with listmembers opportunities for publishing in

    As many of you know, Kairos (http://english.ttu.edu/kairos) is an
    electronic journal designed to serve as a peer-reviewed resource for
    teachers, researchers, and tutors of writing at the college and university
    level, including rhetoric, composition, technical writing, business
    writing, professional communication, creative writing, and literature. We
    are also expanding our focus to include K-12 language arts education more

    Here are sections in the journal, with a summary of their publishing
    interests and contact information for each (if you visit the journal's
    site, you'll see examples of all of these):


    Hypertextual scholarship of the highest caliber, fully developed and
    clearly defined scholarly engagements of key issues relating to the
    teaching, researching, and tutoring of writing. Douglas Eyman and I serve
    as journal Co-Editors---please contact us at kairosed@cfcc.net to learn
    more and to submit possible webtexts.


    A multivocal examination of a single issue, bringing into conversation a
    series of focused hypertexts. Contact CoverWeb Editor Joel English
    (jaenglis@odu.edu) for more information about upcoming themes and to talk
    about contributing. Idea: perhaps someone might propose a CoverWeb on
    humanities computing?


    Reviews of books, software, technologies, and anything else relating to the
    journal's general publishing program. Contact Reviews Co-Editors Rich Rice
    (rarice@bsu.edu) and Jennifer Stimson (j0stim01@louisville.edu) to learn
    more. Idea: HUMANIST's recent discussion of software options for rhetoric
    and composition classes would be an excellent beginning for a series of


    News updates from around the world, conference reviews, calls for papers,
    research in progress, electronic list conversations, and more. Contact
    News Editor Trish Harris (mirthgirl@mindspring.com) to talk about ways to
    contribute. Idea: perhaps someone might suggest a particularly important
    HUMANIST discussion for re-publication or share news about developing
    research projects?


    Classroom spotlights, InterMOOs with Kairos authors and other notable
    scholars, interactive forums on key issues. Contact Response Editor
    Jennifer Bowie (jebowie@ttacs.ttu.edu) to learn more. Idea: perhaps
    several scholars from HUMANIST might share some of the outstanding work
    they're doing in their classrooms?

    With any other questions, feedback, or ideas, please write to
    kairosed@cfcc.net. Douglas and I would be delighted to talk more with you
    about Kairos.

    Best wishes---


    James A. Inman
    Co-Editor and Co-Publisher, Kairos
    Director, Center for Collaborative Learning and Communication, Furman

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