13.0481 MA in humanities computing?

From: Humanist Discussion Group (willard@lists.village.virginia.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 07:42:15 CUT

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             Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 07:17:29 +0000
             From: "Areti Damala" <damala@students.phl.uoc.gr>
             Subject: MA in humanities computing

    [Dear Colleagues:
    The following request was sent to me but needs wider circulation. Please
    respond directly to Areti Damala with your suggestions as to programmes of
    study that might fit either of the two topics. Thanks. --WM]

    I am interested in carrying out a master of sciences dissertation on one of
    the two following topics

    1)Computing on the history of art teaching

    2)The new multimedia "language" in museum function

    I am already following a master of sciences program at the University of
    Crete with an emphasis on the use of mark-up languages in archeological

    I would like to have a second master in an Institute that upon completion
    of this master of sciences dissertation would support a PhD with a similar

    Please, if you have any suggestions e-mail me some url's.

    Thank you all in advance
    Areti Damala

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