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Date: Thu Mar 16 2000 - 20:13:21 CUT

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             Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2000 20:05:53 +0000
             From: Sarah Porter <sarah.porter@computing-services.oxford.ac.uk>
             Subject: IT posts at Oxford University


    We are pleased to announce two exciting new positions for imaginative
    IT developers, involving hands-on experience and state-of- the-art
    technologies, and located in the intellectually challenging
    environment of Oxford University's Humanities Computing Unit.

    If you feel that there is more to life than payroll and e-commerce,
    enjoy the challenge of working in a small research-oriented team, and
    would like to apply your technical expertise to support research and
    teaching in the Humanities at one of the world's most famous
    Universities then we'd like to hear from you.

    You must be a graduate, with demonstrable experience of relevant
    technologies, and you must be a good team-worker, a good communicator,
    and ready to learn. We promise to stretch your understanding and give
    you valuable practical experience with a wide range of new technologies.

    The two jobs currently advertised are both available for one year in
    the first instance on Research Grade RS1A (16286-24479) and located in
    Central Oxford. Detailed job descriptions for each post are available
    from http://www.hcu.ox.ac.uk/jobs/ and are briefly summarized below:

    1. HCDT Project Officer

         - project developer to work on an exciting range of teaching and
            research projects
         - experience of HTML and Javascript, PERL and/or ASP essential
         - develop new skills as part of a small team

    2. HCU/TEI Development Officer

         - software developer with expertise in open software tools,
            XML and web technologies
         - will provide support for Oxford's Text Encoding Initiative
         - initially to work on the EU-funded MASTER project


    If you'd like to discuss either post informally, please email
    humanities@oucs.ox.ac.uk. If you'd like to apply, please request an
    application form from :

              Mrs Nicky Tomlin, Oxford University Computing Services,
                    13 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6NN, UK.

              tel: +44[0]1865-273230 fax: +44 [0]1865-273275
                     e-mail: nicky.tomlin@oucs.ox.ac.uk

    Completed applications must be received by 4.00 pm on 14 April 2000,
    and we hope to interview during the first week of May.


    The Humanities Computing Unit, based at Oxford University Computing
    Services, brings together a number of local, national and international
    facilities providing support for Humanities Computing at Oxford. These
    include the Centre for Humanities Computing; the Humanities Computing
    Development Team; the Humbul Humanities Hub; the Oxford Text Archive and a
    range of other projects. Its activities and strategies are described at

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