13.0493 education in women's volunteer organisations

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       I am not looking for only computer sources on
       these two subjects; anything anyone knows about
       either would help me very much. I am writing a
       dissertation on informal/nonformal education in
       women's volunteer associations. The two
       problematic terms I've struggled with are "Bundu
       societies" (Sierra Leone, etc.) and "Mahila
       Samitis." The
       latter is, I think, a word-for-word translation of
       "Women's Institutes" (called the WI in England,
       Wales, Canada, and Lesotho). Any knowledge of
       on-line bibliographies would be treasured.
       Patricia J. Moran, Ph.D. student (Florida State
       University); adjunct faculty member, Troy State
       University-Florida Region. Thank you, in advance,
       for any answers.


    You might also try the Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
    Day Saints (LDS) Mormons. They are the oldest organized Women's Group in the
    and they have been very active in women's education.

    David Reed

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