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             Subject: Report Still Available: A Strategic Framework for
    Creating and Preserving Digital

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    March 23, 2000

    A Strategic Framework for Creating and Preserving Digital Resources

    eLib Supporting Study P3
    Neil Beagrie and Daniel Greenstein,
    Library Information Technology Centre, South Bank University, London 1998
    ISBN 1 900508 47 8 78 pages $31.50

    U.S readers may be interested in this report, still available through NINCH.

    David Green

    The Electronic Libraries programme (eLib) publication of the digital
    preservation study undertaken by the AHDS Executive on behalf of the
    Digital Archiving Working Party of the UK's Joint Information Systems
    Committee, British Library, and National Preservation Office is now
    available. The study outlines a strategic policy framework for creating and
    preserving digital collections and recommends good practice to those
    involved in the creation, management, or long-term preservation of digital
    information which will form our cultural and intellectual heritage in the
    "digital age". Included in the report are six case studies based on a
    series of fifteen interviews with organizations and individuals involved in
    major data creation projects and digital preservation worldwide.

    High Praise for this Report:
    "The study presents thirteen recommendations in the areas of long-term
    digital preservation, standards, the policy framework, and future research.
    Six case studies highlight some of the real-life considerations concerning
    digital preservation. At a time when content providers and libraries are
    racing headlong toward digitization of information resources, this study
    provides critical guidance."
    Scout Report, Volume 5, Number 2, 8 May 1998

    "This study...has received international recognition and will almost
    certainly continue to be a key strategic document for those concerned with
    preserving digital materials"
    NPO Journal Issue 4 May 99, 12-3
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