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             Subject: Museums and the Web 2000: Papers online

    >> From: "J. Trant" <jtrant@amico.org>

                   MUSEUMS and the WEB 2000
                     April 16-19, 2000
                 Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

               Papers now Online at

    The international conference for museums on the web!

    ABOUT MW2000
    Thousands of cultural heritage institutions are now on the web,
    offering programs and sharing information. At Museums and the Web
    2000, speakers from around the world will present papers on the
    entire process of web implementation. During the 3 days of the
    conference, beginners and veterans can explore themes including:
    design & development, implementation, evaluation, site promotion,
    education, societal issues, research, museology and curation.
    Sessions, papers, panels and up-close mini-workshops explore theory
    and practice.

    The Exhibit Hall features hot tools, techniques and services.
    Demonstrations of museum web sites will let you meet and question
    designers and implementers of some of the coolest museums on the web.
    Full and half day workshops precede the conference on April 16, and
    allow in depth exploration of topics and themes.

    Speakers at MW2000 submit their papers in advance. More than 45 of
    the papers being given at the conference are now online in full text.
    See http://www.archimuse.com/mw2000/speakers/ All papers will be
    published in print/CD-ROM proceedings, distributed to all registrants
    at the conference courtesy of BigChalk.com.

    Past papers from the Museums and the Web 1997-1999 conferences are
    also available. See see http://www.archimuse.com/mw.html

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