13.0518 jobs: IT Director, NYU Libraries; SGML consultant

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       [1] From: Lorna Hughes <lorna.hughes@nyu.edu> (96)
             Subject: Director, Information Technology Services, NYU

       [2] From: Ari Kambouris <aristotl@panix.com> (37)
             Subject: SGML/Taxonomy opportunity

             Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 21:35:24 +0000
             From: Lorna Hughes <lorna.hughes@nyu.edu>
             Subject: Director, Information Technology Services, NYU Libraries

    >Director, Information Technology Services, NYU Libraries
    >This newly created position will lead planning and implementation of a
    >wide range of services that support the delivery of information in
    >digital form and its use by the NYU community. The Division of
    >Libraries provides information delivery through a variety of services
    >and operations, including digital collections, Internet resources,
    >campus television and media services, instructional labs and
    >classrooms, and the integrated library management system. In
    >collaboration with the University's newly reorganized Information
    >Technology Services (ITS), the Division of Libraries is planning
    >extended and enhanced digital library development, instructional
    >support services and digital multi-media delivery. The position
    >works closely with other senior managers in the Libraries and ITS to
    >develop, implement and coordinate services.
    >Reporting directly to the Dean of Libraries, the Libraries Director of
    >Information Technology Services is part of the Libraries senior
    >management team, which also includes the directors of Public Services,
    >Collections and Research Services, and Technical Services. The
    >position will have line responsibility for Library Systems (6 FTE plus
    >student assistants), Database Management (1 FTE), Digital Library
    >Development (2 FTE), and the Electronic Resources Center (6 FTE plus
    >student assistants). The position has direct oversight responsibility
    >for planning and managing the Libraries integrated management system,
    >a GEAC Advance system. In addition, the position will have
    >responsibility for coordinating and facilitating related Libraries
    >information technology activities, including: the technical
    >development support for Web-based services, technical development
    >support for Libraries' computer-based instructional and research
    >services (e.g., use of electronic texts), computing support for the
    >NYU Press, and for the transition from analog to digital delivery of
    >media services by the Libraries Avery Fisher Center and its Campus TV
    >and Media Services. The position will have oversight of strategic
    >decision-making for meeting technology needs for all Division of
    >Libraries services, including NYU Press and TV and Media Services, and
    >will collaborate and coordinate with appropriate groups in NYU
    >Information Technology Services in choosing technologies and
    >establishing technical directions.
    >Qualifications include: A minimum of seven years of related
    >information technology experience, including both hands-on technology
    >support and development and at least 5 years of progressively
    >responsible management of computing and information technology
    >services in an academic, corporate or library setting; demonstrated
    >leadership capabilities, including successful experience in strategic
    >planning, complex project management, personnel management, and team
    >leadership. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills; highly
    >developed analytical skills and experience in preparing budgets for
    >information systems; commitment to service, teaching and innovation.
    >Familiarity with hardware and software applications in DOS, Windows,
    >Unix and Mac environments, including network operating systems such as
    >Novell and Windows NT; experience with LAN management; familiarity
    >with telecommunications, CD-ROM technology, and Web page development
    >and implementation. Understanding of a wide range of computer
    >hardware, software, and network applications for information delivery.
    > Knowledge of how information is organized, evaluated, accessed,
    >integrated, presented and used to understand problems or create new
    >knowledge; working knowledge of the technical infrastructure for
    >library and information services delivery. Desirable qualifications
    >include: Working knowledge of library automation systems, library and
    >information standards (e.g., MARC, Z39.50, SGML, XML), evolving
    >metadata standards, and digital library developments; experience in a
    >university library or academic computing environment. Bachelors
    >degree required; highly desirable is an advanced academic degree
    >and/or other evidence of familiarity with end user perspectives in an
    >academic environment; advanced degree in information systems or
    >related field also desirable.
    >New York University, a member of the Association of American
    >Universities, is a private university located in New York City, with
    >most of its schools and colleges located near Washington Square. Its
    >50,000 students and faculty are served by library collections of more
    >than 3.7 million volumes and a growing array of electronic resources.
    >The Libraries GEAC Advance 6.8 system supports library functions for
    >the Division of Libraries, the members of the Research Library
    >Association of Southern Manhattan (a lower Manhattan academic library
    >consortium), and the New York Historical Society Library. The
    >Division of Libraries includes the Elmer Holmes Bobst Library, the
    >libraries of the Courant Institute, the Real Estate Institute and the
    >Institute of Fine Arts, University Archives, NYU Press, and TV and
    >Media Services. The Libraries works closely with the University's
    >Information Technology Services organization in its development and
    >delivery of networked information and multi-media services.
    >Compensation and benefits: Compensation is competitive and includes
    >excellent benefits including generous health and retirement annuity
    >plans, tuition remission for self and eligible family members, and 5
    >weeks vacation/personal leave.
    >Send letter of application, resume and the names, addresses and phone
    >numbers of three references to: Janet Koztowski, Director of Human
    >Resources, New York University Libraries, 70 Washington Square South,
    >New York, NY 10012. NYU encourages applications from women and
    >members of minority groups. Applications received by April 30 will be
    >given full consideration.

             Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 21:36:20 +0000
             From: Ari Kambouris <aristotl@panix.com>
             Subject: SGML/Taxonomy opportunity

    Position Announcement:

    Thinking Pictures is looking for a part-time SGML (or alternately XML)
    consultant with a background in the humanist studies and archives to work
    on a taxonomy and mark-up system for motion pictures and digital media
    works. This position is available beginning May 1 through the summer, or as
    appropriate, and could continue on into the academic year, time permitting.
    We would be interested in hearing from all levels of students in all
    academic areas. A passing familiarity with film and the creation of motion
    pictures is desirable, but not required. This opportunity requires a clear
    understanding of information architecture, data identification and SGML

    Thinking Pictures' mission is to create interactive visual content; that
    is, visual content that responds automatically to the requirements of the
    viewer. Pursuing this goal, the Company has developed a world-wide
    reputation for the research and development of interactive software and
    database software applications for the digital distribution of content over
    narrow and broadband networks for the educational, media, and entertainment

    Thinking Pictures is a leader in the development of network architectures
    and tools that allow for the personalization of audio, video, and live
    entertainment for delivery over narrow and broadband networks. Since 1993,
    the Company has created stand-alone multimedia components that are
    integrated through its proprietary Interactive Visual Content Architecture
    (IVCA). This comprehensive system facilitates the dynamic presentation of
    digital movies to the home, special format indoor/outdoor displays as well
    as the computer screen.

    For more information, please visit our website at http://www.thinkpix.com
    or send your CV in text or as a MS-Word attachment to ari@thinkpix.com.
    Because of the nature of this project, this position will require on-site

    Please cross-post as deemed suitable.


    Ari Kambouris
    Thinking Pictures
    75 Ninth Avenue, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10011
    212.989.3950 x 17

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