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            From: Robin Dowden <robin.dowden@walkerart.org> (25)
            From: "David L. Green" <david@ninch.org> (10)
            Subject: Job Announcement: Walker Art Center

    Come help us invent the future! Join the award-winning New Media Initiatives department at the Walker Art Center as Webmaster/Administrator. We're only taking applications through May 19th so act now! Job description follows. For application informatio
    n, visit our website at http://www.walkerart.org/jobs/


    JOB TITLE Webmaster/Administrator

    DEPARTMENT New Media Initiatives

    REPORTS TO Website Manager

    CLASSIFICATION Full-time, Exempt

    RESPONSIBILITIES This position will work closely with the Website Manager and the Director of New Media Initiatives to help develop and support Walker's high-traffic, high-technology site; help design and implement the website architecture; oversee all
    technical aspects of web-based access and delivery systems; and ensure production meets requirements with high performance and high availability. Responsibilities also include:

    ** Web Server Administration: installing, maintaining, testing, troubleshooting, and providing security for web server hardware and software; system setup, configuration, operation maintenance, backup/archiving, and software upgrades; performing log analy
    sis and coordinating addition/removal of user accounts for our NT, UNIX, Mac, and Linux environments. This position also has lead responsibility for site quality control including evaluation of links and maintenance programs, and develops strategies for
    performing regular site reviews and maintains cross-platform and cross-browser compatibility so that the website is accessible from a variety of different environments. The Webmaster/Administrator is responsible for search engine registration and explore
    s site ranking and placement optimization techniques.

    ** Site Architecture/Coding Standards: seeking out innovative solutions to support a growing, constantly improving, award-winning site. In conjunction with the Website Manager, helps assess the strengths and weaknesses of current web implementation; deve
    lops and implements a plan for converting Walker static pages to dynamic, data-driven solutions. As code librarian, the Webmaster/Administrator develops systems that support and promote site coding and metadata standards. The Webmaster/Administrator keep
    s up with Internet literature and emerging trends/technologies, assesses new trends, formulates response strategies, and conducts ongoing experimentation with emerging technologies.
    ** Database Administration/Programming: responsible for InQuery system administration (a search engine for delivering large collections of unstructured, cross-domain digital resources) including the custom routines used for preparing the document reposito
    ry. S/he will help evaluate the sustainability of Walker’s InQuery-based applications and propose alternative document authoring strategies as appropriate. InQuery is the backbone to Walker ArtsConnectEd project (www.artsconnected.org) and an increasingl
    y important document repository for other Walker projects. In addition to InQuery, the Walker uses SQLServer and Access to drive a number of ColdFusion applications. The Webmaster/Administrator assists with the development of database driven solutions and
     will be responsible for coding database definitions and application templates.

    ** Web Technologist: works with and advises Walker web designers/technicians/developers in development of web-based projects. Provides expertise in content distribution technologies including CGI, Java, streaming audio/video technologies (Real and Quickt
    ime), Shockwave, and VRML well enough to choose correctly between the many options for many different types of situations.
    QUALIFICATIONS Experience with Unix, NT, Linux server administration, SQL, ColdFusion, and traditional services like telnet, email, listserv, and ftp required. Must have forms, scripting experience, and knowledge of at least one major structured program
    ming language (C/C++, Perl, Java, Unix shell scripting, etc). Demonstrated skills using the latest Internet development and production tools, including but not limited to HTML, XML, and ASP. Strong understanding of database concepts as well as all design
     and technical disciplines involved in the website production process. Thorough knowledge of web security issues and low level technologies. Attention to detail and a firm grasp of the technologies is essential. Network and firewall experience, ability
    to work independently yet work effectively within a team, professionalism, problem-solving ability, and creativity is a plus. Must be knowledgeable about code compatibility issues with different browser types and versions and have experience running Java
    and Javascript on a server to be able to troubleshoot and tune Java-specific performance issues.

    SALARY $40,000 - $60,000 depending on qualifications; excellent benefits.

    Send letter of interest, resume, and the names of three professional references to Gary White, Director of Human Resources, Walker Art Center, Vineland Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403

    CLOSING DATE May 19, 2000

    Posted 4/4/00
    Job line: 612.375.7588 (voice) and 612.375.7586 (TDD).
    David Green 202-296-5346 phone
    david@ninch.org 202-872-0886 fax

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