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             Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 21:14:59 +0100
             From: "David L. Green" <david@ninch.org>
             Subject: MoMA & Tate Gallery Announce Joint Commercial Web Venture

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    April 19

                        Museum of Modern Art and Tate Gallery
                        Announce Joint Commercial Web Venture

    Following on the heels of recent announcements by Questia and the Fathom
    consortium of commercial websites delivering cultural heritage materials,
    is an announcement of a joint commercial web-based enterprise between New
    Yok's Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Gallery of London.

    Here is the MoMA Press Release.

    For the NINCH Announcement of the Questia enterprise, see:

    For the NINCH Announcement of Fathom, see

    David Green

    April 17


    **New Company Will Draw on Museums' Unrivaled Collections and Intellectual
    Capital to Expand Global Audience for Modern Art, Design, and Culture

    **Dot.com is the First Project in Wider Collaboration

        Two of the world's most prominent art museums, The Museum of Modern Art,
    New York, and The Tate Gallery, United Kingdom, have formed a partnership
    and agreed to create an independent for-profit e-business that
    will establish the premier destination on the Internet for individuals to
    access, understand, and purchase the best in modern art, design, and
    culture, MoMA Director Glenn D. Lowry and Tate Director Sir Nicholas
    Serota announced today.

        The venture will be a separate entity, managed and staffed independently
    from the two institutions. It will build on a public surge of interest in
    the museums' unique holdings, programs and expertise, as demonstrated by
    increasing attendance, both to the museums and their online counterparts,
    at www.moma.org, and www.tate.org.uk. The Museum of Modern Art and The Tate
    Gallery had a combined attendance of more than 5 million people in the
    last year, while the institutions' Web sites received an additional 4
    million international visitors. Together, the two museums manage retail
    operations with $50 million in annual sales. The Internet company is the
    first project in an expanded association, which is expected to include
    membership, education, retail, and publishing programs as well as staff
    exchanges. MoMA and The Tate are currently collaborating on a major
    exhibition to be shown in both venues, as they have done numerous times in
    the past. This wider partnership represents a logical evolution from those
    curatorial initiatives.

    The newly formed venture, to be headquartered in New York and scheduled
    to launch in late 2000 or early 2001, will draw on the extensive
    collection, international reputation, and intellectual resources of MoMA
    and The Tate to provide an accessible, personalized, visually
    striking environment that will offer a global audience the opportunity to
    pursue cultural knowledge and enrichment. The venture's distinctive online
    presence will appeal to a wide and diverse audience, including art experts
    and enthusiasts, educators, professionals, artists, and students, as well
    as general museum and gallery visitors, and those simply interested in art
    and culture. Investment in the enterprise will allow MoMA and The Tate
    to employ the potential of the Internet to strengthen their positions as
    unparalleled institutions of their kind.

        The new undertaking will be organized into areas devoted to content,
    commerce, and community. In-depth, original content will be developed and
    licensed by the museums and other arts organizations, outside experts and
    critics, artists, designers, and filmmakers. Exclusive products and
    services to be offered in the commerce portion of the site will include
    design objects and furniture, books and media, customized art
    tours, ticketing for arts events, and educational courses. The community
    aspect of the site will be realized through chat rooms, virtual tours of
    collections and exhibitions, and webcasts of live lectures, symposia,
    concerts, and performances. The site will focus on modern culture and the
    most contemporary developments in the visual, applied, and performing arts
    taking place in the United States, the United Kingdom, and around the world.
        MoMA Director Glenn D. Lowry states, "The Museum of Modern Art and The
    Tate Gallery have long been pioneers in the museum world, and we look
    forward to extending that groundbreaking spirit to the Internet. This
    exciting new venture will allow us to spread our message to a new global
    audience interested in art, design, and culture, and underscores our firm
    commitment to fiscal responsibility and long-term financial stability
    for this institution. To have the opportunity to pursue and expand on
    these goals in tandem with our close colleagues at the Tate benefits us all."

        Tate Director Sir Nicholas Serota notes, "The twenty-first century is
    all about access. This new venture will promote deeper access to the best
    of visual culture around the world to the benefit of all those who
    are interested and engaged with art." The Museum of Modern Art and The
    Tate Gallery are the founding partners of the independently managed and
    staffed corporation. An internationally prominent Board of Directors will
    be assembled, with MoMA and The Tate holding seats. Financing will be
    provided by a small group of Trustees, who have made philanthropic
    contributions in order to start the company, as well as venture capital
    funds. A strong management group, drawn from the top talent in the
    industry, will build and lead the organization. Revenue will be primarily
    generated through a combination of commerce and advertising, as well as
    through affiliate sales from participating sites, pay-per-view offerings
    of featured material, and syndication of original content.

    The Museum of Modern Art
    The Museum of Modern Art, founded in 1929, has the foremost collection of
    twentieth-century art in the world, including 100,000 paintings,
    sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, architectural models and
    drawings, and design objects. The Museum is poised to enter the
    construction phase of a $650 million Building Project, the most ambitious
    in the Museum's history, which will dramatically enlarge the exhibition
    space and add new education, research, and retail facilities to the
    Museum's building on West 53 Street in Midtown Manhattan.

    The Tate Gallery
    The Tate Gallery was founded in 1897 and houses the national collections of
    British art from the sixteenth century to the present day, and of
    international modern art. The Tate has galleries in London, (Tate
    Britain, opened March 2000, and Tate Modern, which will open on May 12,
    2000) Liverpool, and St. Ives.

        No. 33

    1998 The Museum of Modern Art, New York
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