13.0566 Early Modern Cultural Studies conference

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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 09:34:21 CUT

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             Subject: GEMCS Call: Deadline Extended to May 15: One GREAT Conference

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    >G R O U P F O R E A R L Y M O D E R N
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    > NOVEMBER 16-19, 2000
    >The Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies invites
    >submissions for its eighth annual conference.
    >GEMCS is an organization formed for the study of
    >culture from the Renaissance to the mid-nineteenth
    >century. We are composed of people working in a wide
    >range of disciplines, including but not limited to
    >literature, history, art history, music, and film, and we
    >welcome a wide variety of disciplinary approaches.
    >This year's theme is "It's About Time," and we seek
    >proposals dealing with social, economic, aesthetic, sexual,
    >artistic, political, racial, and philosophical manifestations
    >of time. We are particularly interested in work that
    >shows not only the existence of such manifestations, but
    >how they expressed themselves culturally, and what sorts
    >of provisional answers emerged historically.
    >As always, however, GEMCS is interested in all aspects
    >of early modern culture.
    >Some suggestions for topics:
    >*Intimate spaces *Work Time/Leisure Time
    >*Georgraphy *Circadian & other Rhythms
    >*Bad timing *Being and Time
    >*Time Pieces, Pieces of Time *Nations in Time
    >*Industrial Time *Bodies over Time
    >*Aesthetic Movements *Philosophical Time
    >*Colonial Time *Generations
    >*Technology and Time *Musical Beat
    >*Aging *Theories of Development
    >*Literary and Artistic Eras *Disability and Time
    >In order to allow the greatest possible amount of discussion,
    >presenters will be limited to ten minutes. GEMCS actively seeks
    >alternative format panels; workshops and seminars on innovative
    >pedagogy are especially invited, and we will gladly link
    >information pertinent to your proposals from our website.
    >One-page abstracts for individual papers must include presenter's
    >name, complete mailing address, institutional affiliation, and
    >email address; proposals for panels must include one-paragraph
    >abstracts for each presenter, as well as his or her name, complete
    >mailing address, institutional affiliation, and email address.
    >Panels of four to six participants will be given preference.
    >Address all submissions by April 15th, 2000 to:
    >Professor Rajani Sudan gemcs@frontiernet.net
    >Department of English
    >University of Texas at Arlington
    >Arlington, TX 76019
    >Please submit either postal or email proposals (not both).
    >For further information, visit our website at

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