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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 09:33:29 CUT

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             Date: Mon, 01 May 2000 10:29:45 +0100
             From: Geoffrey Rockwell <grockwel@mcmaster.ca>
             Subject: Call for Papers

    Dear all,

    I am sending this on behalf of my colleagues.

    Geoffrey Rockwell

    Proposal for a special edition of the journal TEXT Technology:

    "Exploring 'Webtextuality:' What Makes the World Wide Web a Unique Textual

    As the World Wide Web has become the most prevalent form of digital
    publication and expression over the past five years, the question "What is
    a World Wide Web text?" has become proportionately problematic. TEXT
    Technology is, therefore, interested in publishing an interdisciplinary
    consideration of the present meanings and problems associated with
    "webtextuality" in a special issue dedicated to this matter.

    In particular, TEXT Technology hopes to receive articles that attempt to
    define webtextuality by placing it in dialogue with other forms of
    electronic and traditional text production and analysis.

    Each submission should in some way address the unique ways
    that the World Wide Web is used to create, analyze, store or translate
    texts and meaning. Essays should also specifically address the ways that
    new textual forms made available by the World Wide Web modify, challenge,
    or integrate versions of "traditional" and electronic text types
    including, but not limited to, verbal texts, visual texts, animation and
    oral/aural texts.

    Interested authors--both academic and professional--should submit 2-page
    abstracts by May 15th. Completed manuscripts are due September 15th.

    Please direct all correspondence regarding this special edition to:

    Sean Williams, Contributing Editor

    Dr. Sean D. Williams sean@clemson.edu
    Department of English
    Clemson University 864/656-6411

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