14.0008 2nd language misspelling?

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Date: Tue May 09 2000 - 06:58:11 CUT

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             Date: Tue, 09 May 2000 07:47:41 +0100
             From: LW8@aol.com
             Subject: Re: Misspelling of "maybe" by writers who learned English
    as 2nd language?

    I hope you can help in my research regarding the use of the word, mabe, for

    I am investigating typed documents to determine authorship. The 2 writers
    each are relatively knowledgeable about the English language, with some
    misspellings and some unusual construction. Examples:

    "Understanding your predicament of trust and how difficult it is to explain
    in good faith to you about your..." "..relized.." (realized) "...trust to
    tell you the truth mabe you should..."

    "...we are sorry some people didn't mind there own business, and mabe you

    Both writers currently live in Louisiana and may have last names of French

    Can anyone tell me where (location) the written contraction "mabe" is known
    to be used? USA or other?

    Please reply to my email address. Thank you.

    LW8@aol.com (L. Welt)

    [Please reply directly to L. Welt as well as to Humanist. --WM]

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