14.0043 e-editions of letters? WWW e-books with multimedia?

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Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 05:24:37 CUT

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       [1] From: cbf@socrates.berkeley.edu (7)
             Subject: Electronic editions of correspondence?

       [2] From: Gerry McKiernan <gerrymck@IASTATE.EDU> (18)
             Subject: _Web e-Books with Multimedia Content_

             Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 06:03:55 +0100
             From: cbf@socrates.berkeley.edu
             Subject: Electronic editions of correspondence?

    I will repeat an inquiry that I made on the TEI list some days ago:

    I would be grateful for any information concerning electronic editions of
    letters or correspondence, particularly large-scale editions dealing with
    thousands of letters and particularly of projects that are contemplating
    web-based dissemination.

    Charles Faulhaber The Bancroft Library UC Berkeley, CA 94720-6000
    (510) 642-3782 FAX (510) 642-7589 cfaulhab@library.berkeley.edu

             Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 06:11:26 +0100
             From: Gerry McKiernan <gerrymck@IASTATE.EDU>
             Subject: _Web e-Books with Multimedia Content_

                     _Web e-Books with Multimedia Content_

    I am greatly interested in identifying _Web_ e-Books that include multimedia
    content (e.g., audio, video, datasets, etc.) along with the text of the

    I am also particularly interested in any and all _articles, reports,
    chapters, etc._ that summarize this functionality in WebBooks.

    I am aware of e-Journals that include a multimedia component and have
    created a registry of these types of publications at:


    [BTW: If you are aware of a multimedia e-journal not listed in _M-Bed(sm)_
    please send me its address. Thanks!]

    As always, any and all responses are appreciated!

    /Gerry McKiernan
    Theoretical Librarian
    Iowa State University
    Ames IA 50011


        "The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent It!"
                                            Alan Kay

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