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Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 19:47:11 CUT

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             Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 20:44:18 +0100
             From: Bill Kretzschmar <billk@atlas.uga.edu>
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    I thought you might be interested in the following paragraph from the
    American Edupage clipping service (produced by Educause, our educational
    computing org). It points out a big problem with computers in re: kids,
    something I have noticed with my own boys. They sometimes do have one or
    two friends watching what somebody is doing with a computer game, but the
    facilities for group activities on standard PC games are weak (at least in

    A Baltimore-based study has found that computers are not child-friendly. The
    study, by Context-Based Research Group, points out that young children do
    not have the typing skills to make using computers an enjoyable experience
    and keyboards just for children are not yet mainstream products. The study
    also says computers are asocial by design, and the only time family members
    are likely to gather around a computer is when something is wrong with it.
    Moreover, computers are unlike video games, which tend to offer more than
    one control pad.
    The lack of reliable information on the Internet also was cited as a barrier
    to children, who do not always have the ability to discern what is and is
    not true. Titled GenWired, the study is being expanded into a one-year
    project that will include purchasing decisions, product
    design, and the digital divide. (Baltimore Sun, 28 May 2000)

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