14.0082 Pokemonian ethics

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Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 06:10:12 CUT

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             Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 05:59:44 +0100
             From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi <tripathi@statistik.uni-dortmund.de>
             Subject: [short report with concerns] Pokemon

    Greetings Humanist scholars,

    Hi, I hope you're doing well out there. Yesteray, I went to kino to see
    the *Pokemon film* (may be a Japanese Production) with two small kids.
    Actually, the film was made for small children to have fun and entertain
    themselves. But, I was *suprised* to see the film, try to explain and
    answer some of the important questions of Humankind regarding Ethics,
    Dasein and Clonning and raised more contemporary issues concerning
    Life. I was really absorbed in the film with different characters,
    especially in "Mu" and "Piccachu". (In film) When the *Menschen* (Human
    beings), have already clonned the original Mu as "Mutwo". Then, Mutwo was
    always asking questions, such as "Warum bin ich hier?", "Was sind meine
    aufgaben?" and many more. Mutwo was asking some questions to himself as,
    "When *Menschen* have clonned me, then *they* want me to be a slave of
    *Menschen*. And, the clonned Mutwo was also saying, "Ich bin der Herrscher
    der Welt" sounds dangerous. So, Is clonning necessary? And, if it is
    necessary to do the clonning, then What is its *Dasein* and who is creator
    and created? Then, in clonning *original species* --we'll be loosing our
    original *Dasein* And, the most deadly scene was --when clonned pokemons
    were fighting with the original pokemons. (this scenarios is not good,
    thinking of the Human beings on the planet)

    BTW..I will do more research on the film and will let you know, later. I
    also think, the film *Pokemon* would also be making news in United
    States, Australia & other countries amongst kids and their parents and
    teachers in schools. The film has more to say and have good pedagogical
    styles, but children always must see this film with their teachers and
    parents, so that they can get some good teaching.

    Keeping my fingers on the keyboard and telescope to the Stars!!
    Sincerely yours
    Arun Tripathi

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